Friday, September 15, 2006

Brushes with Greatness RGBP Friday Five *

Reverendmother asks:
David Letterman used to have a feature on his show called "Brushes with Greatness." Members of the audience would share stories of encounters with famous people.
And so...

1. Tell us about a time you met someone famous. I met Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) at a Mardi Gras Day Party at Biloxi City Hall. Sen. Cochran is charming, accessible and was just there without an entourage. We chatted and I was impressed with his people skills.

2. Tell us about a celebrity you'd like to meet. I'd like to meet Dolly Parton. She seems to be a person of depth and I admire her courage.

3. Tell us about someone great who's *not* famous that you think everyone oughta have a chance to meet. I wish everyone could meet the Headmistress at the Tiny School in our neighborhood. She's so very bright, creative and skilled with children. I'm proud to know her. I doubt you'll meet her though because she would never think of herself as "famous".

4. Do you have any autographs of famous people? Barbara Brown Taylor wrote a note to me and I've kept the note. I think I'll frame it for my study wall. She has careful, feminine hand-writing.

5. If you were to become famous, what would you want to become famous for? I do not want to be famous. I want a quiet life in a small place.

Bonus: Whose 15 minutes of fame was up long, long ago? I find the idea of "fame" so intriguing that I'd hate to take it away from anyone who pursues it. I wish people who didn't want attention could 'turn it off'. Craving big media attention must be a hard way to live. Our attention spans are short. Who wants to be a "Where Are They Now" years later?

St. Casserole

*Not Whistle and Fish, not our toilet. Just great ginger cats looking out at the interesting world.
(obligatory ginger cat reference #598)


Songbird said...

I see you found a way around the cat-blogging injunction...
and I appreciate your thoughts on fame.

Cathy said...

If you keep posting about your cats who got "breff mints" (there is something about that that tickles my funny bone) you or either the cats will become famous.

Cathy said...

I see you are redecorating the place online.
If I were you, I would make Whistle and Fish famous by autographing the picture of them on the toilet back looking out the window. That one is due to be on a calendar at least - or either a picture in the bathroom

St. Casserole said...

Cathy, I think "breff mints" is funny, too.

I don't know who these good looking ginger cats are. Whistle and Fish have ginger feet, these cats have white paws.

I think my redecorating is beautiful! I have a new designer!

Songbird said...

A new designer who is finally finished! Once the blog finishes republishing a final time, I think we're done!

Cathy said...

A lovely new redo indeed. BTW, in reading about your cats, we used to have a orange tabby who had dark places on his lips and nose that made him look dirty. He also had gender identity issues because my daughter gave him a female name - so he started peeing in places that I won't mention on here - but he had to find a new home.. perhaps he got a male name and resolved his issues.