Saturday, September 02, 2006

I've had a good week.

Monday LH and I went to New Orleans. I worshipped with the community on Tuesday. By Wednesday evening I'd gotten several tasks finished. Thursday I puttered around the house waiting for workers who never came. My car was repaired (the car dealer FINALLY understood the prob!). Yesterday I wrapped up work I need to finish along with seeing friends for lunch. In the meantime, LS surprised us with a visit home from Big U.

This week felt normal. Thank you, God!

Ordinary week in Ordinary Time. Is that great or what?

My sermon thoughts blew into sentences yesterday but changed again when syllables hit paper.
I'll be ok by this afternoon.

Had some phone calls to cheer me up. Found out good news about good friends. Grieved with another friend but saw her get guidance later in the week. I pulled weeds until my elbow screamed.

All in all, lovely week here.

Easy to entertain and glad of it,

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

Thanks be to God for an ordinary week and the ability to enjoy it.

ppb said...

Easy to entertain and glad of it. That's a great line. Somehow in all of this, I'd forgotten you were sending first born off to college, too. Yikes!

cheesehead said...

Isn't "ordinary" grand?


Marie said...

What they all said. Yay for ordinary.