Friday, September 01, 2006

The Best First Birthday EVER!

Dear Aunt Songbird:
Your Salmon Cat Treats are great! We ate some. (Fish? Pass the Breff Mints! I think I need one.) The Treats are so GOOD that we bit the hand that fed us! Look at me now! We chewed the leg off the green frog toy, too! Excited! Many thanks from your Southern Kitties, I mean "CATS"!

Whistle the Cat


Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
I've always heard Salmon was good for your hair, but this is amazing!!
Hugs to you and to Fish,
Aunt Songbird

ppb said...

Dear Whistle and Fish,
Where can I get me some of that stuff? I need to get bigger than my sister!

Marie said...

Dear Whistle,

Wow! You are one BIG now. Maybe if you came to live here, my Moms would stop calling me "fat" and worrying about all the weight I gained while they were gone camping. Love, Cisco.

Marie said...

That should say BIG CAT...

Psalmist said...

Yikes! Now there's an even bigger fluffy cat than my sister-cat Jenny! I don't believe it's really you, Fish, but I suppose a cat is allowed to dream big dreams. (Our slave Psalmist said, "DANG! That's one HUGE cat!")


Psalmist said...

Oops, sorry, Whistle! I meant to address you, not Fish. You guys keep on enjoying your treats, and demand lots more, loudly, when you've eaten them all. Keep your human in her place!

Cuz'n Rosie

see-through faith said...

one huge CAT :) more treats needed I think :)

Rev Dr Mom said...

What a gorgeous cat!

Yankee, Transferred said...

That is the biggest frickin' cat I've seen since my own Crickett died, at 19.8 pounds.