Sunday, September 24, 2006

O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing!

First song of the morning, this Sabbath, this day of rest and praise!
I'm home after two days of driving South through beautiful green tree-d states.
Someone kind is preaching for me today.
I am having a Sunday as others do without the press of preaching.

Mr. C and LD are glad to have me home. Whistle, Fish, P.P. and Andy welcomed me with cat kisses and dog smiles.

It's great to go away for awhile and to return home.

Glad to see you, too.

St. Casserole


ppolarbear said...

I love that hymn. welcome home.

Preacher Mom said...

Welcome home. Glad that sabbath time was restful.

Marie said...

Glad you get to just be today. Welcome back.

Cathy said...

Welcome back to the deep south. I hope you found peace and quiet and time to be just you. Enjoy your Sunday.