Friday, September 08, 2006

Dear Aunt Dorothy...

Dear Aunt Dorothy,
Thank you for sending us gifts, cards and cat breff mints. I knew it was you! I tried to tell St. C and Whistle but they didn't listen to me! I did everything except pull down a flow chart to make them understand but they were busy or something.
I don't get to blog much because Whistle is 'gressive with the computer. It's all about him or so he thinks. Just because he stands up and does tricks for cat cookies doesn't mean he's all that. I don't like to stand on my back legs and do tricks for cookies. I like to eat out of St. C's hands or have the cookies put on the floor so I can eat them.
If I grow up to be a homiletician, I'm going to preach a sermon on different gifts used ad majorem dei gloram. God created me to be myself, not like Whistle. I'm just as special to God as Whistle is.
I like to hide under covers. I like to meow and sing. I like to jump. Whistle likes other stuff.
What I'd really like is my own litter box.
Thank you for sending me birthday gifts. I send cat salutations to my cousins far, far away.

Your Friend,

Fish the Cat


the reverend mommy said...

Dear Fish,
You are one handsome cat. Your eyes are that delicious golden color that most cats would die for. Beautiful beautiful.

Songbird said...

Dear Fish,
I miss you. You have grown into a fine young man-cat. I promise more treats when I come to visit again.
Aunt Songbird

Sue said...

Dear Fish,
You are indeed a handsome young man. I'm glad that you and Whistle had a good birthday and that you enjoyed your gifts. I wish I could bring you treats in person.

Truffle and Ouzo send their greetings. They enjoy the same kind of toys and breff mints, though they both deny that they have breff "issues."

St. Casserole said...

see that lil black mark near fish's nose? you can't wash it off because it isn't dirt. it's the only dark mark on his orange self.

-whistle the kitten

Ched said...


Sue said...

Thanks for pointing that out Whistle. Fish's little black mark is very distinctive, n'est pa?

I'm lovin' the toenail polish St. C -- nice shade!

mibi52 said...

Isn't Fish's little mark the equivalent of Cindy Crawford's little mole? Just adds to the beauty and distinction.

Songbird said...

mibi, I believe comments to that effect have been made in the past. He is certainly a stylish fellow.

revabi said...

Fish you are a fine fellow, so nice of you to write that thoughtful thankyou note to your Aunt Dorothy.

ppolarbear said...

Those are some fine lookin' tootsies there, St. Cassy! I see stylishness runs in the family!