Sunday, May 27, 2007

What does the preacher do when she wakes up on Sunday morning? What if she feels like staying home with the newspaper and fresh coffee until noon?

Even worse, what if the preacher knows she cannot stay home because there is worship to lead and the Word to give to hungry hearts in the pews?

When the sermon feels like stone, her heart distracted by detritus and her body not enthused about Pentecost, what does she do?

As Anna Florence Carter reminded us at the Homie Festival, preaching isn't about US.
Not about me. Preaching is about God.

But, I'm moving slowly this morning without a sense of the power of Pentecost. Nada. Nope.


I'll be at Little Church on time. I'll be asking for God's help for my ministry. I'll be there.

I'll pray on the way, as I have this morning, for God's full measure of grace to turn a rocky sermon into a pathway for my listeners. I'll pray that whatever is going on in me will not interfere with what God has in store for worship and my people.

Maybe I'll reflect on the mystery of God's call to me, the most ordinary of women, to be a part of God's Church in this place.

Whatever else is going on, I'm glad, deeply glad, that I am invited.

St. Casserole


PPB said...

Surely the holy spirit has got your back!

Lorna said...

love you
am grateful for you
and want to bless you

Happy Birthday Church - thank you for developing and nurturing pastors just like St C who get up and preach - sometimes using words - day in day out, not only on Sunday mornings

Sue said...

I wish you peace and blessings on this day of Pentecost.

Ordinary woman?? Oh, I don't think so. You are extraordinary St. C.

I hope you got some rest this afternoon and managed to get that coffee/newspaper action going after worship.

St. Casserole said...

Thank you for your kind comments! I assume that you have Sundays like this, too.

They had birthday cake for me and gifts, then took me out for lunch to celebrate my birthday!

I had more comments (all positive) on my sermon today than usual.

Who knew?

Iris said...

What a wonderful celebration!

Songbird said...

It was good to talk to you today!

Grace thing said...

Wow. Sometimes just showing up makes all the difference, yes?

will smama said...

I wasin the same place Sunday my friend and the HOly Spirit showed up for me too. Phew!

BayouMaMa said...

Hey there! I haven't been here in a really long time...just wanted to say hello. I'll be deleting my blog in a few weeks...or I may wait until my parents are officially back in their home. Sometimes people ask about them and I'd like to post pictures when they are finally done.

I'm blogging at with my pastor's wife now. So, I'm around...just not so much "bloggin' on the bayou" anymore.

Glad to read that you had some time off. I'm sure it was refreshing. Blessings to you!