Wednesday, February 04, 2009

From the Local Newspaper

The Mississippi legislature is discussing a bill to allow the adoption of fresh or frozen embryos.

From an obituary: "This is a homecoming celebration, please dress appropriately."
(awkward suggestion, like asking for funeral expenses, but needed in an area where people wear shorts and flip-flops to funerals)

The day is brilliant blue and very cold for us at 29 degrees. Adventure Cat shortened his morning walkabout to 15 minutes.

St.Casserole, fascinated by the World


cheesehead said...

You sure do live in an interesting place!

Sue said...

Interesting indeed.

Cold here too - mucho cold. My old van does not like the cold so much. She is plugged in outside the church today because otherwise, I'd be walking home. (Plugging her in keeps the block heater warm and helps her start after a long day)

1-4 Grace said...

I read the Obits for fun over in my neck of the woods.
Really odd from time to time.