Thursday, February 12, 2009

What I Saw Yesterday

*dead craw fish thrown out on the tarmac at the Quick Stop

*bumper stickers reflecting the driver's resistance to our new President

*temperature of 70 degrees in February

*two words I did not recognize in Whistle the Cat's subscription to The New Yorker in a review of Hedda Gabler with Mary-Louise Parker as Hedda: crepuscular and termagant. The reviewer, John Lahr, used both four words apart. Thanks, Mr. Lahr, I enjoy unfamiliar words.

*crepuscular means resembling twilight. For you Twilight fans, Hey! thanks for dropping by. crespuscular sounds like a medical condition gone awry.

*termagant refers to an overbearing, nagging woman. Great. What's the word for a flustered, incapable man?

*Our early blooming azaleas are. How about that for a sentence? Camellias are finished, tulip trees are beautiful.

*Five days of moderate temperatures bring out the carpenter bees.




zorra said...

Horticultural news from over here: Camellias and red cyclamen still going strong; pansies hanging on, but have suffered much from canine feet; biggest news: the very first azalea blossom has arrived.

Mary Beth said...

Ah! tulip trees! I miss them from North Florida. Sigh.

We have purple clover, paperwhite narcissus, Japanese quince and forsythia.

I'm sure we'll have an ice storm soon...

Rev Kim said...

Oh to see some colorful blooms, as all here is bare, brown, gray, or snow-covered.

1-4 Grace said...

Out tulip trees bloom when we have a warm day or two and then get killed back with the Holy week/Easter frost. Odd.
Glad you ahve them to enjoy.
And azaleas, lovely!

Sue said...

Is a carpenter bee the same thing as a worker bee? I clearly have little knowledge of bugs and such.

Flowers? We're another three months from seeing the first of the tulips beginning to bloom. sigh.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i did not know there was such a thing as a tulip tree... types the woman looking at a blizzard outside.