Monday, February 09, 2009

Read The Associate

A friend said to me when I couldn't remember something, "well, you are busy upstairs". Is this why I couldn't recall which year I met Mr.C?

Last night, I wandered toward Mr.C. thinking about how fortunate we are. We've been married for almost 29 years. Our courtship was brief because when I met him, I waited only 6 weeks to ask him to marry me. But did we meet in February of '80 or '81? Somewhere in those days is an anniversary of our meeting.

Mr. C. says it was '80. I couldn't get my mind around that but I know I was the minister for his law school graduation. When was that I asked? December of '80?

This means I prayed over John Grisham's law school graduation ceremony. They were classmates.

I can remember the cute outfit I had on, some kind of Harris Tweed blazer which was right in style in 1980 and preppy enough to hurt your teeth.

As my conversation ended with Mr. C, I forgot about the 29th anniversary of our meeting and pondered why I hadn't put together that I prayed over John Grisham. I've read his books for years.

Which means, as I see it, another reason for all of us to read The Associate, Mr. Grisham's new book.

Yours, but I won't remember it,



Jennifer said...

I so thoroughly understand an inability to remember some stuff.
Sometiems it's scary, othertimes I'm able to just forget about it...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

LOL..I totally understand. I used to laugh at my mom for not remember what years my brother and I had been born and calling us by each others names.

I do not laugh anymore.

Mary Beth said...

I used to remember the year for EVERYTHING. I do know when we were married. But after that, zippo. When did we move to this house? When did we get this dog, that dog? It's all a big blur.

But a happy one in general.

Lydia said...
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Songbird said...

I love the idea of you praying over the law graduates. In fact, I think it could be the opening scene to a Grisham novel.

Lydia said...

I think it was 1981. I had already graduated from college (8/80) when I heard that you and Mr C were getting married. And for some reason I thought you guys met at The Rose.

It is hard to believe that you guys have been married that long --you're both so young (or at least this is how I see you guys!)


DogBlogger said...

I love this whole post, but I especially love that you asked him to marry you. (I asked The Alpha out on our first date, or it never would've happened.)