Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dear Pals,
I'm busy with many things as we move to Holy Week and Easter. I'm finishing sermons, planning worship, designing bulletins and sneaking outside to putter in the garden. I'm using "garden" in the overseas manner so don't be thinking I'm planting collards and squash. The garden is a mess mostly, still rumpled from the Storm but life goes on. I see sermon illustrations everywhere I look from the flower seeds moved twenty feet over by wind and rain; azaleas blooming with broken branches and a charming yellow flower I've never seen before popping up near the brick sidewalk. Life goes on in nature and in us.
I thought Advent and Christmas were special this year because of the situation here. I was correct. Lent presents different blessings this year because the putting aside of distractions (chocolate, alcohol, not picking cuticles, etc.) are not artificial or habitual. Turning our faces from what doesn't matter toward the Big One Who Matters comes easily this year. This is a good thing.
Everything changes. I'm encouraged by this maxim. Change means a different pivot to adapt and I'm all for learning to adapt. C.S. Lewis wrote that the only things we can count on are death, taxes and unrequited love. He's correct that those things are inevitable and rather than thinking he is cynical in his comment, I think he is reassuring.
I think about the constancy of change with politics, usually. Like ol' DeLay and some of the local stinkers we call "Sir" here in the Pine Grove who will be moving on (God willing and heavy voter turnout) come election time.
So, as I said, I'm busy. I have much to do for which I am grateful. My energy has returned and the Spring mornings encourage my spirit.
Always glad to see you,
St. Casserole


Songbird said...

I am happy to hear of the garden's resurrection.
We once lived in a house with a beautiful spread of jonquils in an odd spot. I think someone had "thrown away" the bulbs, but they found their way into the soil and thrived there.

peripateticpolarbear said...

Ah, yes, the English garden!
Good to hear your voice smiling.

cheesehead said...

So very grateful for the tone of this.

Thanks be to God!

mibi52 said...

Isn't a garden a wondrous thing? And digging in the dirt and making messes is a reminder of the best of childhood. You're right - many sermons in there.

I can hear you smiling in this. Thanks.

will smama said...

I find it fascinating how the pulse of the seasons (both liturgical and weather) can carry us through our trials and even heartbreak. Two years ago I mourned through Lent and climbed out of my own tomb of sadness through Eastertide.

Enjoy the green and the flowers and the healing.

Peace, friend.