Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary to us!
Happy Anniversary to us!
Happy Anniversary, dear Casseroles!
Happy Anniversary to us!

Twenty-five years ago, at a morning worship service, I walked down the aisle holding my father's arm and greeted my pre-LH. My senior pastor and a Presbytery staffer prayed and spoke to us. We said our vows and exchanged rings. My ring was dated 1881 and was from "Ella to Thomas", his ring belonged to his grandfather.

Thus we began our hopes and dreams on a Sunday morning in a church as packed as it could be. A Sunday school room served as the reception area. We left for a wedding lunch at a nearby club.

We honeymooned for two nights at a bed-and-breakfast in the Quarter then both of us returned to work.

I led a retreat for the congregation 5 days later and when someone called me, "Mrs. Casserole", I didn't answer. Didn't recognize the name as mine. Finally, the church member tapped me on the shoulder and we laughed.

Thank you, God, for all these years together. Thank you for the grace to live and love and be with my dearest heart mate. Through plenty and want, joy and sorrow, You sustained us to this day. With grateful hearts, we say "amen".


seawitch said...


Sue said...

Many blessings to you and LH on this special anniversary!

cheesehead said...

Mazel Tov! Twenty-five years is quite the accomplishment. I hope to achieve it myself.

Songbird said...

Love and blessings to you both this day!

Sally said... blessed through the next 25 years.

Quotidian Grace said...

(o) that's so lovely!

May God bless you with many more years of happiness.

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Aola said...

So, what did you guys do to celebrate the big 25?

reverendmother said...

That's wonderful!

It's sobering to think that R and I are halfway there. Hmm. The easy half or the difficult half?

annie said...

BTW, COngrats on the anniversary! Twenty-five years is quite an accomplishment these days!!

see-through faith said...

blessings :)

and love-filled hugs to you both (and those naughty kittens!)