Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lewis M. Henderson, of Carrboro, died Thursday, April 20. Born in 1988, Lewis was 18 or 88 in human years. A native of Durham County, he lived in Durham and Carrboro.
Lewis was a cat of superb phyicality. He maintained his youthful tuxedo looks all of his life. As the years went by, he developed a chronic disease. During the years of his treatment, he displayed a calm dignity and good humor which was a model for all who knew him.
As a young kitten Lewis enjoyed egg rolls as a treat while later, his favorite food was hand-fed surf and turf.
He shared his home with "his" Bea, who adored him. The two cats made their home playful and entertaining for their humans.
Ever adaptable, he welcomed kittens from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi to his home after Hurricane Katrina. Because the kittens were eating kitten chow, Lewis ate kitten food with them. Greatly admired by his young cousins, he allowed the kittens to follow him around, nap near him and mimic his every move. A cat of lesser patience would not have accommodated the kittenish antics of the evacuees but Lewis, ever the gentleman, did.
Lewis was loved by three generations of humans. He was known to family and friends as a beautiful cat whose large eyes and great roaring purr were known to calm even the most distressed human.
He was a good companion to his owners. He head butted his primary human and rubbed against her legs. She provided for him well as he did for her. A comfort in trouble, a companion in joy, Lewis leaves many friends around the country, who, when they think of him will say "Good Cat".
At his death, Lewis gave one last great purr then slipped into mystery. His cremated remains will be kept at his home.


Being Shielded said...

Oh, St. Cass! (((hugs)))

cheesehead said...

Oh, sweetie, so sorry. Bless Lewis and his human and cat families.

(((St Cass)))

Songbird said...

Blessings to Lewis on the Journey, and many hugs to his loving family.

peripateticpolarbear said...

Oh St. Cassie, that's not fair--not again! Oh I hope that Lewis is happy. He had a good life.

Kathryn said...

"a comfort in trouble, a companion in joy"..what an obit. I'd love to achieve something so positive...though it's still soooo sad to say Goodbye.
Hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute. But one question: how did Lewis come to live in Carrboro? (I'm from Chapel Hill and might have known some of his friends.)

St. Casserole said...

Lewis moved to Carrboro with my LLS and my LSiL. You may know them because they know everyone.

Once I woke up at LLS's home and Lew was sleeping on top of my LH.
Lew made us feel welcome whenever we visited!

the reverend mommy said...

A beautiful tribute to a loving companion.
I'm sure Lewis will be missed.
hugs to you and yours.

Friday Mom said...

Rest in peace, Lewis. You lived a good kitty life.

Sorry, St. C. Hugs to all who loved him

Sue said...

I'm so sorry St. C. ((((hugs))))

What a lovely tribute.

Aola said...

That's how I want to go.. . after a long and loving life.. one last purr and then off to heaven.

net said...

(((st. c))) north carolinian kitties are the best! i have one sitting on my desk in a little box. she was a native of chatham county and survived the trip (and the winters)north very well. i still miss her a lot.

prayers for you and your family as you grieve. and for whistle and fish too!

Texas Jaye said...

Prayers and love beams coming your way. Whistle and Fish miss their friend. I know how much you loved Lewis because your heart is enormous.

Thank you for sharing your life with Lewis. He loved you with all his kitty heart and knew that you loved him.

I know there is a kitty heaven.

I am so sorry for your loss.

LutheranChik said...

I'm getting all teary-eyed here at work! What a lovely obituary for a four-legged friend. I love the line about "slipping into mystery."

Charlotte said...

"For he purrs, when God tells him he is a good cat." - Jubilate Agno

Have fun sleeping on God's bed, Lewis.

A beautiful tribute. I hope that Maggie, my future cats, and I are all purring as we slip into Mystery.