Saturday, April 29, 2006

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five on Saturday

What do I do to avoid doing what I have to do?
I am a master at procrastination.

Favorite ways to Procrastinate Like A Pro:

1. Look at 500 sterling bracelets for sale on eBay.
2. Shuffle papers.
3. Admire my books and wander off with one.
4. Stare at the backyard.
5. Take a nap.

Let's just say that it's past 8 pm. on Saturday night and I've got a not-quite-jelled revision of my sermon for tomorrow morning, so I'm blogging.

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

It's past 10 here. I have about 2/3's of a manuscript, and it hinges on making people be interested in a sock I am knitting. I fear that is somewhat pitiful.

the reverend mommy said...

I'm sure it went well.
I was searching for sterling silver charms with the labyrinth on them. On eBay.

And diamonds. Just because.

Norma said...

Napping and books are not procrastination at my house. They are breathing.