Sunday, November 26, 2006

7:07 am. Sunday morning.
The cats woke me up at 5 am. They were lonely, wanted to drink water out of small bathroom cups (what? we have water in our bowl? who cares? let's shriek for the tiny cups!).

The bulletin is ready. The advent candle services are complete. My sermon is "mostly there..."(theological category where one hopes either that the Holy Spirit has her back or that one will be able to walk that dog proudly). Mostly, I'm content with what I hope to be a helpful sermon on the mystery of Christ our King.
Many thanks to Sarah Dylan Breuer whose lectionary blog reminded me of how the apocalytic texts, cf. Rev.1:4b-8, are worth confronting in sermons. No one doubted the worthiness of those texts but she brings a perspective to the mystery of Christ's impact on the world.

Thanks, too, the RevGals Preacher Party. I forget to attend the party on time but enjoy reading the comments of my sister and brother late-sermon-writing-pals there.

The cats were for sale at 5 am. for a cheap price, travel cases included. Free bag of IAMS food, too.

I'm sleepy but happy about seeing my congregation again. I traveled and rested the past two Sundays.

Homiletically Yours,

St. C.


cheesehead said...

I traveled this past week, and am glad to be home resting, blowing off church today. The Spirit has got your back, alright. Don't you worry.

PPB said...

How much for the two kitties? Do they like to play kitty olympics? Would they want to make friends with a black and white kitty? Would you accept payment in kitty toys? or kitty kisses? And little tiny bathroom cups?? So cool! I prefer drinking out of the bathtub myself. If you sit in there and howl, they eventually come and turn it on. I want to buy those kitties. My sister's boring.
Little man

Sue said...

Blessings this morning as you reconnect with your congregation.

That's an early start. I'm guessing the kittens are back to sleep by now.

Anonymous said...

So, maybe you'll take an installment plan for buying the two kitties? I just lost a toof and got a quarter. Can I send you that to start?

LutheranChik said...

Happy Delurking Week! It took me a long time, but by golly I worked my way to your spot on the blogroll!

Glad to read about your holiday celebrations.

St. Casserole said...

Dear Littlemankitty,
Whistle and Fish want you to come here. They want to see your toes. They like to run around and play ALL THE TIME until the evening
when they sleep until we humans go to bed. Refreshed, they start making noise and meowing.
Congratulations on losing a toof. This means you are growing up. If you invest the quarter at compound interest, you'll have five dollars in 50 years. (I made that up. I know nothing about numbers).
Ask Cousin PPB to send you down here. Bring her, too.
St.C P.S. have you started your Christmas list? W and F are busy compling all the stuff they want for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

But I'm a-skeered of leaving my house! I'm just a very little boy!
Whistle and Fish can come on the airplane. They can sleep on the airplane and then when they get here, they can wake up and we'll run around in circles all night long. It will be really, really fun! I have a tree! In my living room! With lights! I bet W &F have never seen anything like it!
All I want for Christmas is Whistle and Fish to be my friends.