Friday, November 10, 2006

Fish the Cat Discusses His Injured Back Paw or Foot

Dear Friends,
This is not MY paw. I have ginger fur. This photo is a SYMBOL a VISUAL CLUE about the topic of this blog post.

She makes me drink bitter medicine out of a dropper then dunks my hind foot into a paper cup of warm water so I'll clean my burned foot.

My foot is healing. Is it a paw or a foot? Can't remember.
I don't have to limp anymore. I don't have fever. I'm doing fine except for (see paragraph above).


Fish the Kitten

P.S. My brother Whistle has polka-dots on his stomach. Pass it on! HAHA!


Songbird said...

Dear Fish,
My mom is watching over me because I ate some knitting. I hope I don't have to go to the vet and get *my* temperature taken!!
Your friend,
Sam the Dog

Psalmist said...

Poor Fish! We're sorry you burned your foot. Do you still have your claws? If so, make sure St. C. knows of your displeasure through the vigorous exercise of them. You do still have teeth, however, and they work, too. Felinekind should NOT have to put up with the witch-doctoring of clueless humans when we injure ourselves or take sick.

We are praying for you, our young cousin. And never fear for us. Besides being much older (more experienced) than you and Whistle, our human cooks so seldom that we almost never have to worry about being burned by the stove. But when one's human is known as "Saint Casserole," it's probably very unlikely she would ever give up cooking like Psalmist. (She remains the laziest human known to us.)

Feel better soon, dear cat-cousin!

Rosie & Jenny

Sue said...

Dear Fish,

We're so sorry to hear about your footie. We hope that it stops hurting and that the medicine bottle tips over (*wink*) very soon. You are getting extra cat cookies, right?

That's funny about Whistle!

Yours truly,
Truffle and Ouzo

Texas Jaye said...

We are so sorry to learn of your paw injury. Bad stove, bad.

Callie and Monroe Moonpie went to the vet today for shots. Dirty ears were cleaned, baths were given! Callie howled. Monroe said wake me when it is over.

Next week, E.B. and Bobcat go snip, snip.

Garage has kittens on the loose. Next week, mom gets snip-snip.

News from Cat Town.


ppolarbear said...

Oh, Fish I do hope this is all over really, really soon.

revabi said...

Dear Fish,
Hang in there it will get better. What a bad stove. That must have really hurt. One of the new kitties gets over by the stove when mommy is cooking, mommy puts her down. I warned her, but she is just a kitten and doesn't listen. I bet your having the foot dunked is worse than the medicine although that has got to be bad. Hope you feel better.
Your Southern Cuzins
Tygger, Rhianna, Prince Aden,and Anika.