Friday, November 10, 2006

see that cat drinking from the dixie cup near the lavatory? i liked drinking out of human cups, too. not anymore! never again!

now she dips my hurt foot into a paper cup filled with warm water. the vet said to do this so I will lick my foot dry. conspiracy! bad human acts!

note to self: do not walk on that flat black shiny hot thing AGAIN! it is a stove and it is hot and now I have bitter auntie buy otts ticks put in my mouth every day.

talk about bad breff!

Fish the Cat


Leslee said...

Poor little kitty kat.

Molly said...

Dear Fish,
Aren't you feeling better yet? Poor you!
Sam ate knitting, and that is giving our mom a fit.
The cats keep bringing dead birds and squirrels into the house, and that gives her a fit, too.
If you sneak into my mom's bag and come to my house, I will play with you!
Your friend,

Cathy said...

Dear Fish (and Molly),

Fish - your servant at your house has breff mints for bad breff. You need to remind her of that.
Molly, tell Sam that if her servant will knit her a cat pi bed, that might help Same from eating knitting.
Also, Fish and Sam, bring a live snake into the house and see what happens. It causes quite a commotion in the house.
Since I do not have a blogger identity, I have to use my Mom's blog name. Working on that...

Cathy said...

I think I screwed up - Sam is a big dog, not a cat. I'll blame my human Mom on that.

Teri said...

i think that might be my cat in that picture. it looks JUST like her, seriously.
Also, she drinks from cups. she drinks the milk out of the cereal you're still eating. she sticks her head in any dish she thinks has food or drink in it. it's great. :-)