Monday, November 13, 2006


St. Casserole is on her yearly civil pilgrimage. Here are some clues to where she is:
*Peter Minuit was this place's first garage sale-r, so-to-speak, getting a big bargain for nothing;
* Jan Peeck donated money to build a wall around the village, but the wall is gone, but
everyone knows where it used to be;
* This place was the first capital of the USA and people promptly got sensible and moved it to its later site, the appropriately swampy and dank area of Virginia;
* The river that is here was originally call Mahicanituk, which is Indian for "its got to be warmer somewhere else".
St. C called upon arrival and is fine and happy and with a like-pilgrimaging friend. Animals are fine and shall not blog on my watch. Daughter is fine and able to leap tall mounds of dirty clothes with a single jump. And, things are, as always, better than we deserve.
Mr. C
P.S. St. C will return within a settimana or a vokh or many other such varied words.


NotShyChiRev said...

Thanks Mr C.!
I hope they are seeing shows and enjoying the brisk fall in that City so often associated with large red fruit.

cheesehead said...

Hey, if she can make it there, she can make it anywhere!

Songbird said...

It's a hell of a town, that's for sure.

revabi said...

Thanks Mr. C. I know you and the cats are really going to miss her. But it sounds like a pilgrimage she must make.

Anonymous said...
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