Thursday, November 23, 2006

Today is Thanksgiving day.
I'm trying to see the humor in my poor planning for the holiday. I was out of town. I don't know how to cook a turkey and wish to spend the rest of my life without learning how. Thanksgiving is a day to be with people and be grateful for one another. It's not about the food.

Not doing too good, am I?

Instead of having hordes over to eat today or finding a decent restaurant serving a feast, we are at home. I made my famous Grits/Sausage/Cheese/Egg casserole. That's it.

At 4pm. today, we'll wander across the street to share a meal prepared by volunteers from Up Nawth. They're here re-building houses, listening to stories and being with our community. The few of us, at that church, who don't have a place to roost for Turkey Day will gather to eat.

All around the Coast, volunteers gather to serve dinner to the homeless, working poor, lonely and looney who need a warm meal.

We'll be among them. Good lesson for over-fed, middle-class comfortable people. We'll be receiving the grace of a meal given by volunteers who want to help.

The difference between our family and, those for whom today's meal will be an unusual treat, is that we're eating because of my indolence and poor planning. We can return to a full refrigerator after the meal. Mr. C. packed the frig after shopping for all the fixin's for his World Famous Best on the Planet Seafood Gumbo which he'll serve on Saturday to a drooling group of pals.

Grace on a Plate to you Today whatever your circumstances,

St. Casserole


Nightwoodkitty said...

Sistah, I have never cooked a turkey in my life, yet, every Thanksgiving I have celebrated in these United States, there has been a turkey provided for me. Happy Thanksgiving!

Songbird said...

I wish I were as clever as you two and had never learned how. It's much more fun to eat it when it appears carved on a plate. I was lucky to do that today.
Hope it was a good meal! Gosh, you haven't even had it yet!

Elaine said...

And exactly what is wrong with egg casserole?

Norman, OK

Cathy said...

egg casserole sounds mighty fine.

As you know, it is a gift to be able to be on the receiving end, but oh so hard for us who are not accustomed to it to be on that end....

Sue said...

Yum!! Your casserole sounds delicious!

Of course, I'm wondering if the pets get extra cookies on Thanksgiving.

PPB said...

Grace on a plate to you, too, St. Cassie!

Lorna said...

I think it's GREAT that you went to eat with real people ...:)
if that makes sense?

Praise God for volunteers!