Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Whistle and Fish are constant companions when I am home. They follow me from room to room, "help" me with any activity and if they cannot be in a room with me, will nap outside the door.

Fish is working on being independent. He wants to be with me but he doesn't want to sit on my lap or have me snuggle with him for more than 45 seconds.

He wants to know where I am at all times. At night, after Mr. C. and I have put on our long Winter kerchiefs and turned off the light, Fish bounds into our room wailing for me. If I whisper, "I'm here, Fish", he can't hear me through the meowing.

I think it's sweet that Fish needs to know where I am to feel secure. Mr. C, falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, doesn't like awaking up with cat wailing.

It's not easy being a year-old ginger cat in a world of war, civil rudeness, odd Presidential powers, no stem cell research and global warming. Stress, worries and fear can make a furball anxious.

St. Casserole


nightwoodkitty said...

Topic suggestions:

The importance of younger sisters.

What Calvinism means, once and for all.

ppb said...

Well, now I know why newkitty is crying at night, too. Tell your year old ginger kitty that these things upset 4 month old black and white kitties, too. Especially politics. He's very bothered by politics. He would vote for Fish, should Fish run for president. And should the US deign to give kitties the right to vote.

Sue said...

Our big boy cat, Ouzo, is also an anxious kitty. He worries about a lot of things, but mostly about visitors coming into our house. At night, he's only happy if he's slammed up next to Pillar, or lying on my feet (which doesn't last long, as he weighs 20 lbs). He is very attached to me and does not like it one bit when I leave for work in the morning. I keep telling him that this is how we pay for cat cookies, but he just sits by the door and wails as I leave. I suspect Ouzo would vote for Fish also.

Truffle, however, is a die-hard monarchist. This is not surprising, given her status as Queen of All She Surveys.