Friday, November 24, 2006

Last Christmas, I was storm damaged. I didn't want to decorate or celebrate.

This year is different.

We put up our potted Norfolk Pine tree with lights and unbreak-able decorations. Kittens love Christmas trees. Whistle knocked the tree over before we got out the decorations.

Others may put up a tree Thanksgiving weekend. We've never decorated this early. Ever.

Time can be a great healer. Chin up, all those who are damaged.A better day is coming.


St. Casserole


PPB said...

I haven't put up a tree in 3 years, since I don't have a party any more---seemed silly. But I think I may have to do it this year, because every kitten deserves a chance to knock over a Christmas tree, right? It's a rite of passage, I believe.

St. Casserole said...

PPB, knocking over a Tree is part of kittenhood. If you get a live tree, he can kick the dirt out of the pot all over the floor, too.
And, make use of the dirt "further"...

Songbird said...

Several of our cats have climbed the Christmas tree in their young days, but none managed to actually knock it over. Perhaps just getting on the tree is a rite of passage?
We have a wreath up, but that's just because the Boy Scouts delivered it to the door. It feels way early to me! However, I'm glad you feel better and in the mood to decorate!

Anonymous said...

Not being one of the cat people, I must still comment. After all, it is Delurking Week, is it not? ;0)

We got the tree today, and it felt like we were doing it in the middle of summer instead of less than a month before Christmas. (sigh)

However, time waits for no man, woman or cat. Let the games begin!

see-through faith said...

thanks for your words of encouragement. They ministered over the miles