Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dog Cookies! Ear Scratches! Aunt Songbird!

Aunt Songbird is here!
The humans say we have router troubles with the computer. Who cares?
Songbird is here!

Sister, the Dog
Nanny to Whistle and Fish
Just like Ophrah has Nannies for Her Pets
The Very Same Thing.


Molly said...

Oh, is that where our mother is?

Cathy said...

The Very Same thing.
Only Better.

mibi52 said...

Sister, give your mom and Aunt Songbird a couple of barks from the Gals. Sending virtual dog treats.

PPB said...

Well, sister, now you have to look out for two wild women of the cloth! keep them in line for us, okay?

Sue said...

Yay!!! Cookies!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Whistle! Did you get a blog for christmas?