Thursday, December 21, 2006

One of the reasons I am "St.Casserole" is my life as a cook, organizer and Mom. While I may be a fabulous Reformed theologian (or, so I've been told*), I can do the home stuff, too.

As we near the end of Advent with all the accompanying cultural stuff**, I find myself running like a madwoman to get things finished, started and make life comfortable for my family.

As a Law Partner Wife, I'm expected to decorate for the Office Christmas Luncheon tomorrow. I'll do it and do it well***.

I'm just saying that along with all the labors of my calling as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament, my mothering, community outreach, presbytery responsibilities and etc. ****, I'm getting a bit frayed at the edges.

I'm not complaining, I'm just "sharing".

At the Edge,

St. Casserole

* someone, somewhere mentioned to me that I "really know that theology stuff". I'm taking their word for it.
**Every year, as a spiritual discipline as an resident alien in this culture, I attempt to do less and less with "holiday" trappings and more with Faith.
*** Over the years, I've learned how to do all this stuff by watching others and being my Mother's daughter.
****you know what I mean...


Cathy said...

I know what you mean of doing less of the holiday trappings. I hope we are the beginning of the revolution that successfully continues to erode the excesses of Christmas.

BTW, it seems your week is mighty full. Bless you and hope there is less stress as the days go by.

St. Inuksuk said...

St. Casserole,
right there with you. Our tree is up and has lights, but bears not one single ornament. I'm hoping I can hang some ornaments and bit of icicles tomorrow. We'll see how it goes with my back that gave out and with all the drugs!!!
Who knows what our tree will look like for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

as my preaching professor used to say: "I feel that." And I don't even have most of those other things. Dang.

Anonymous said...

I would love to help if I were closer!!

Quotidian Grace said...

That's why I don't bother my revgal and revguy friends the week before Christmas! Enjoy it all--I'm sure you will be fabulous in all your roles!

reverendmother said...

St. Casserole, you are one of my role models, and not because you do it perfectly, but because you do it with so much grace and humor.

And sass.

PPB said...

st. casserole, you are a rock star. And I hope you know that.

the reverend mommy said...

(here's one for originality)
me too and what they said.

St. Casserole said...

Very kind of all of you.
When Mr. C. called me this afternoon as I was trying to print a brief reminder about Sunday's worship with an empty print cartridge, I considered bursting into tears.
Eventually, I calmed down. Paid bills,wrote a few more Christmas cards and notes then did two loads of laundry. Picked up child from airport, cleaned up the kitchen, moved around important papers and made phone calls.
We went out to dinner and that helped.
If I can stay awake another hour, I can go to bed.

I am whining. Not attractive, but I am whining. I hear it in my typing.

Sue said...

Yes. You are definitely a rock star. We heart you St. C!!

1-4 Grace said...

Dear Andy, Fish,and Whistle:
Typing with my toes is great. Now I need to learn to spell gooder!
I have discovered sleeping on the tv is the greatest and if i wake up and get bored I can reach out to the ornaments on the tree.
I hope Santa is good to y'all. I put my stockign out after T-day!
Hi SC!
Hope all is okay for you. You soound busy and overwheelmed with stuff. I'm baking bread as I type this and spent part of day catching up, getting hair cut really short and trying to deal with last minute stuff.
I am trying to find ways to simplify the holdiay time with family, but am not there yet. I would love to curtail gift buying and encourage them to give to a worthy cause in my name. We jsut cant get past the need to buy stuff and more stuff. Media makes it worse. If you come up wit ha gameplan of putting faith into the holiday and knocking out the secular valued system, please share. :) This shopping craze is for the insane, the rich and the not-so-very-busy. I am none of these (well, borderline on insainity!).

1-4 Grace said...

P.S. YOu are a ROCK star!!!!

Songbird said...

Boohoo! Am I the last to see this post? My feed reader did not reveal it yesterday.
I took a similar attitude last night: if I spend an hour knitting this sweater sleeve, then I can go to sleep!
(((St. C)))
Only 5 more days...just have to do this Christmas thing first.