Friday, December 29, 2006

Our friend M.L. did well in surgery this morning. She'll stay at Old Hospital for a day or two for antibiotic drips. I am happy dancing with joy that she's ok.

Songbird is in my kitchen right this minute!

I have a new camera!

Songbird is preaching at Little Church Sunday! I guess I won't be visiting the Last Minute Preacher Site except to grin.

Blue skies here!

Computers working again!


St. C.


Kathryn said...

It all sounds uncompromisingly wonderful...Tell me, though, my friend...are you on Desperate Preachers often? I only ask because I'm there so much myself (but not this w'end for me, either,as I'm still on holiday till Tuesday, praise God!)
Go on enjoying being together...Wish you were here, though x

PPB said...

I didn't know you were a desperate preacher. Doesn't that air on Saturday nights at 8? And all the women are sexy?

Marie said...

There's a Desperate Preacher site? Other than the RGBP's? Hurrah for all the good news, teh internets, and the pictures of jewelry!

see-through faith said...

Desperate preachers ... would be a GREAT movie / sit com :)

hugs to all