Friday, December 15, 2006

What's in YOUR handbag?

Here's a fun game!

Tell me what's in your handbag! If you don't carry a handbag, tell me what's in your pockets, messenger bag, backpack, auto glove compartment or that fanny pack you won't stop wearing.

I'll go first!

The Official St. Casserole Purse Contents

2005-2007 Book of Order

wallet with checkbook

Levenger hand desk with note cards

moleskine small book for notes

business cards

Clinque's Rasberry Glace lipstick

100% linen handkerchief, ironed, monogrammed

black ink pen

retractable lead pencil

car keys

various receipts from grocery store

two old peppermints wrapped in cellophane, age unknown

assortment of coins flailing free

sunglasses in case

picture of Mr. C. taken by Richard Avedon set in Tiffany sterling travel frame*

roll of vanilla mints

Now, what are you hauling around?

Interested in You but Not in that Creepy way,

St. Casserole

(*I made this one up)


Cathy said...

uh.... I'd have to get up to get my purse, but I might play sometime this weekend. My purse might have something spooky in it. I am always scared to put my hand in there -- I might find something weird in there.

I know I can't find my clinique lipstick and I am wondering where it ever went.

PPB said...

You carry the BOO in your purse? You are the most dedicated Presbyterian EVER! I'm just not worthy, decent or orderly enough for you!

My secret--I carry no purse on a regular basis. I have a series of bags---briefcases, tote bags, and the odd purse. I switch bags ALL the time. I have a wallet, a cell phone, and two little pouches--one I call CVS with lipstick, hand lotion, comb, various and sundry medications, and one I call staples with business cards, moleskine book, pens, and other random office supplies. I have, really, no idea what's in each of the pouches. but they move from bag to bag.

I have never, ever, though, carried the BOO in my purse.

Rodger Sellers said...

Have to 2nd ppb above: You actually, really, no-foolin'... have a BOO in your purse? Not completely sure if that's dedicated... or just scary! :)


Anonymous said...

As I was thinking that if I had a portrait photo taken by Richard Avedon, I certainly would NOT carry it around in my purse, I arrived at the end of your list and laughed out loud! The Clinique lip color sounds like something I'd like. I'll have to check it out.

Stacey said...

This cracks me up, for at this moment, I have the RCA Book of Church Order in my handbag. I am prepared to be decent and in order at all times. I also have my planner-to-end-all-planners, Rimmel lipgloss, iPod, antibiotics for the strep throat, mints, several pens, cough drops, and a broken necklace.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I carry a backpack disguised as a purse with more items than this blog has room for. Up until today, however, I was carrying the remnants of an item that has rendered one pocket of said "purse" eligible for the sign "Enter At Own Risk". For this I have advice:

Never, ever carry unsealed gum in any part of your purse on a hot day, and let it sit out in the sun. Melted gum becomes the equivalent of glue that never quite hardens. The wicked sticks in my particular case were a pink, watermelon flavored, sugarless pack I carried for my son. I spent the better part of an hour today unsuccessfully scraping the remnant bits of this off various coinage, nail clippers, pens, pencils and my spare watch. Fortunately it was just the one pocket.

The BOO in a purse! How handy, in case the luncheon conversation goes dry. Good for you, I say!

Songbird said...

Here's my list:
Car key with remote door opener
Lots of other keys on a Bernese Mountain Dog key ring
Green wallet purchased on shopping spree with St. Casserole
iPod nano
"That'll Blog" notebook
pocket NRSV New Testament and Psalms
Hospital ID on UCC lanyard ("God is Still Speaking")
Thumb Drive
Appointment card for Orthodontist for The Princess
plastic envelope with soft cloth for buffing progressive lenses
crumpled grocery receipt and annoying coupon they give you at checkout
Checking deposit receipt with appointment time written on back; no indication of what appointment is for, but i think I remember
Dry cleaning ticket
crumpled tissue
Pills for dog (gets his first dose later today)
eczema cream for eye area
Favorite purple pilot pen
Dixon Ticonderoga #2 soft lead pencil
(please note lack of lipstick; I've been sick, and it must be in my other bag where it has a special pocket

Quotidian Grace said...

The BOO? In your PURSE? Ditto ppb--I am unworthy. I never remember to carry the thing with me to a meeting where I might need it. Must be Freudian.

Props to you Cassie! Will you come be my vice-moderator??????

Sue said...

Wow. That is an impressive list St. C!!

I change my bag on a regular basis. Presently, it is a Roots tweed bag with black leather handles (I love me some Roots!).

Roots wallet in soft brown leather (I told you I loved Roots)
reading glasses with bright red frames
lipstick (nice shade, but alas, not clinique)
lip balm
wide-tooth comb
hair clip for controlling Teh Hair
mini bottle of Purell
pill container with Advil and three half-tablets of Ativan (for anxiety emergencies)
cell phone
certs mini mints (the package is really flat, so it fits in the side pocket nicely)
sunglasses (not in their case, which is in the van, which my son has today)
nail file
two old bandaids
a list on bright pink paper reminding me to pick up milk yesterday. I forgot.

that's it for me...

Anonymous said...

I like this idea! Let's list (advance warning--i have a huge bag...):
Medium moleskine notebook/journal (never leave home without it)
a straw
Black Pilot Razor Point pen
a mini-purse filled with quarters (for the parking meters)
cell phone
iPod cable
a few crumpled recepits
post-it flags
Tiffen Lens quick reference guide
The Litte Blue Book for the Advent and Christmas seasons (daily 6 minute reflections)
random $5 bill (all right! money!)
hair tie
a couple more pens
caribou coffee vanilla latte granola bar
nail file (never used it...don't have nails...)
2 kinds of lip gloss
bluetooth headset
print-out of Luke 15
pay stub
school ID
mini green book of the Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament (really, I always carry it around, I promise!)

this was fun & interesting...but begs the question...where the heck are my keys?!?!

Anonymous said...

St. Casserole -- how big is your purse??

in mine:
wallet w/ checkbook
5 pens
matches (candle ready)

Anonymous said...

In the winter, I stash my stuff in my coat pockets. (I LOVE Land's End coats.) I need only my wallet, cell phone, and keys. I do have a lunch box which holds my water bottle and food, and a book bag for all my teacher stuff. But no purse, except when I am pretending to be a normal grown up. Then it just holds my wallet, keys, and cell phone.

St. Casserole said...

You all are impressive!
I don't know what a ROOTS purse is. I will as soon as I finish this comment!
I don't carry a purse Bible but have a car Bible at all times.
Nope, I don't carry a large purse. I'm in the mood for a new purse but stores are carrying what I call "bondage" purses with chains and rings and unnessary stuff. I cannot be a slave to fashion. You heard it here, first.
About carrying a BOO in my purse: our presbytery is feisty and I like to have my "consitution" ready. And, I like to meditate on the Great Ends of the Church, etc. The BoO is really quite a wonderful document on our lives together.

I think we should have an offical RevGalBlogPals handbag. Quick! Let's form a committee!

mibi52 said...

Cwap, cwap, and more cwap.

No, seriously:
four lipsticks of various shades (rosy, rusty, red, and redder) of mixed provenance (Revlon, Laura Mercier, Cover Girl, Stila)
sugar-free cough drops
two slightly shredded Kleenex
an emery board
my little red purse thing that's got my credit cards and my (very tiny amount of) money
an ancient Montblanc pen given by an old friend many moons ago
several freebie ballpoint pens from a funeral parlor, a church, a bank, and my dentist
the order of service from the church I went to this morning
the receipt from the last car repair (really should file that one of these days)
key ring with all those little frequent-buyer tags from the grocery store, library, pharmacy, etc. etc.
pictures of my grandkids
small comb
fifteen pounds British currency and ten euros; should have exhcanged them, but I'll be passing thru London next month so they may get put to good use at Starbucks or the Heathrow equivalent...
my little list of meds in case I get run over by a bus.

Mysterious little dust bunnies (how did THEY get there?

All in a remarkably small handbag (8"x10"). Really should get some classier stuff in there.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~runs off to find her purse~

Erin said...

This is too funny not to comment!

In my little leopard print bag I have:

One large walet with two checkbooks
A Khols gift card
A Blockbuster gift card
Nine-million gas receipts
Lip Gloss
Work ID tag
6 pens
One lolipop
Too many pennies to count
A few "Multi-Symptom Day Time SoftGels" left over from the cold I had in October
A random photo of my nephew
One Sharpie
The keys to my sister's house7 states away.
some scary mints from a meeting a the Beau Rivage months ago
Random assortment of sticky-note messages I still need to follow up on.
AT&T Calling Card (who uses those anyway- that may have been left in there a decade ago)

Hey wait.....where are MY keys??? I thought they were in here! I better go look....

St. Inuksuk said...

I posted what's in my handbag at my place, signs-along-the-way.
Too numerous to mention here. Really have a BOO in your bag? Thankfully, it won't fit in my smart little burgandyish red bag.
No wonder my back's gone out, it's toting all that stuff in my handbag and in my work bag!!!
Glad you didn't ask, what's in our wallets!!!!!!!!!!
This was fun! Let's do something like this again!
Oooo, I think the muscles relaxers are making me a wee bit loopy!!

Mary Beth said...

I posted mine at my place.

Maybe this link will work?

hipastorzwife2B said...

Oh this is fun...thank you someone for saying DOG Medicine. Simba has not yet had his and I, his staff, need to remember this.
I'm about to play at my place, but I am sure there's no BOO.

Anonymous said...

I carry an old coach backpack that I bought on ebay. It just so happens I cleaned it today!

Here's what's left after the big dig:

A purple wallet that is too stuffed with receipts.
A brushed aluminum credit card case that I keep all those irritating store cards in.
Small Moleskine lined notebook for when I have to wait somewhere. I write embarrassingly sappy love letters to God in it.
Green vinyl covered 2006-2007 calendar that I almost never remember to look in.
Green vinyl covered checkbook that I use almost exclusively for donating to church. It is my personal account, not the household one.
A pre-pay cell phone with a dead battery.
Nail clippers.
3 shades of longwear lipstick: Alloy Red, Wine and Mauvie Star.
2 battered plastic applicator tampons.
2 sets of keys: One with the car and house and the other with a bunch of keys that I can no longer identify, but that have my little store tags for the grocery store and cvs. I think I might even have the keys to my old church on that ring.
A Grace Church retractable ball point pen.

That's it! Clean as a whistle!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am disturbed by the Book of Order in your purse. But then I looked in my purse and noticed that I have the wallet-sized seminary diploma that the Austin Seminary alumni association gave out when I graduated from seminary 5+ years ago... so I guess I cannot balk at your BOO. I have lots of other stuff, including a piece of hard candy that my son sucked on for a few moments and then declared as "yucky". Why did I put it back in my purse, you ask? I couldn't really say.