Saturday, December 02, 2006

Instead of a picture, visualize this:

15 months after the Storm, our front yard has fill dirt but looks awful. I wait for the neighborhood "pretty patrol" to send us a note asking why our lawn is gone when our neighbors' yards are "back to normal".
The messed up edge of our roof isn't repaired.
We have old doors leaning up against our house.
Bricks salvaged from Mr.C's blown-away office rest in our driveway.
Back fence isn't repaired.
Shed-held-together by dirt dauber spit is standing, impervious to physics.

Why haven't we gotten more done?

The reliable work crew we use is busy repairing homes for people who CAN'T EVEN LIVE IN THEIR HOMES YET. That's why.

We don't qualify to use the work teams coming down from churches. According to my ethics, these great volunteers are here to help people without resources.

We think we can finance our repairs when we get the reliable work crew back.

I can't do the work we need. Mr.C is too busy to do the work. We look like a mess.

When the elderly, poor and disabled are fixed, then we will be fixed. Until then, we look like we don't care. We DO care.

When my best pal from Way Way up North comes to see me, I'm embarrassed that we look pretty much as we did last year. Our home survived the Storm so we are better off than many in our neighborhood but we sure look dreadful right now.

Got the picture? Good! I'm tired of seeing.

Your Pal,

St. Casserole


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that things are not repaired for your home. I understand that there is still so much that needs to be done for others around you, but I pray that your turn will come soon.

maggiej said...

I am so sorry. I have been in my new house for almost 6 months. I still have a lot to do, but it is so wonderful. I have been decorating for Christmas (after telling someone it's ADVENT, not Christmas), and it looks so pretty. I've been buying little things from Pier One--a trunk for a coffee table, pillows, a bench for the bathroom, a small table for the entry way. Having a refuge is so important. I wish I could wave a magic wand (or had a vending machine Jesus theology) and could make things better for you. A nun who taught me a seminary said that you could always make things pretty, no matter how much money you had or didn't have (her order believed in beauty). But that isn't always true. On the other hand, you have beauty around you in the work crews from other churches, in the beauty of the sun and sea, in God's love for each of her children. Maggiej

Cathy said...

I know you are tired of waiting, but you are so right in waiting for those that are in worse shape than you.

I believe your friend from way way way up north is coming to see YOU, and not the condition of your place. (Oh she might be coming to thaw out too, from the POLAR north :) )


Songbird said...

I can't imagine that you and all that is yours will not be a sight for sore eyes.
25 days.

Sue said...

(((St. C.))

Teri said...

{{{St. Casserole}}}

Mary Beth said...

The way I see it, you are standing in solidarity with those folks that don't have the resources. Sort of, "We refuse to get dressed up pretty when there are still people who are naked."

What a loving witness it seems to me.

You rock.

SEAWITCH said...

St. c,

The damage to my house was minimal. I too hate seeing the things that need to be fixed. Especially the sofit and fascia. But I'm like you. Those who don't have homes or can't live in them, need to be tended to first. People keep telling me to call the volunteers. But I can't when I know friend Archie is still in a FEMA trailer as well as the others.

Hang in there.

see-through faith said...

I'm voting for REV GALS Pals spouses and other handy men/ women to have a fix up St C's. the sooner the better. We need it more than you do (or I do ) ...

Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration. My house had "minimal" damage but it frustrates me to see it every single day. There is no way I would let the volunteers work on my home. There are way too many people stil without any home, living in gutted homes, still in trailers and much worse off than I to allow the volunteers to spend time on my piddly stuff.

I vented some of my frustration here:

We are hoping to repair our fence this month.


Quotidian Grace said...

(((Miss Cassie...)))

Anonymous said...

I'm with see through faith on this one.

Can we do this somehow?

cheesehead said...

Pssst...a group from St Stoic is coming down this spring. (I might be with them.) What if we snuck over and helped you?

Bag Lady said...

I didn't know you were in that region. Wow. It's been so frustrating to be unable to come down there to assist, while wishing, praying that the people who could make this go would quit playing politics and just do it!

Anybody who would look down on you for the state of your yard, especially given the circumstances, isn't someone whose good opinion I'd want.

David said...

You speak for me! Amazing.
Just yesterday (YESTERDAY!) I removed our hurricane boards from my back patio so we are not looking at them piled up there all the time. A month ago we finally replaced two broken windows (took that long to get the windows).
Our flower beds are completely run over with weeds. We just don't have the time or energy. This is something that would never have happened pre-storm.
While I was out of town doing fund raising last November, a Priest staying at my house while helping with relief efforts got a crew to come put my fence back up. I never would have asked myself. I still feel guilty about the three hours they spent fixing it.

Norma said...

This is important for people to know--some jobs you can't do yourself but others need the help more. Thank you.