Friday, December 22, 2006

The property surrounding our home ("yard" in our Southern parlance; "garden" for the more sophisticated) is a hurricane damaged mess. Azaleas broken, trees gone, fence damaged---you name it, the yard is BAD.

'Tis the Season of Yard Decorations here in the 'hood.
Our neighbors decorations range from the discrete tiny white lights to GIANT AIRBLOWN Homer Simpsons, Santas and Reindeers playing Poker. Come here to ride the lights* so you can see the variety.

We have no lights. No airblowns. No nothing.

But wait! Let's reframe how we view the St.Casserole Yard!

The ROOT OF JESSE shouts with joy in the various natural tall plants not seen in a cultivated garden. Out of chaos comes natural beauty planted by God's own hand.

The desert where the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL wandered moves through the yard as fill dirt and sand cover any sign of plant life.

THE BROKEN REED is represented by the high branches of the few remaining trees which were bent by the power of the WIND.

The HIGH PLACES BROUGHT LOW may be seen in the huge pit where the City's drainage collapsed. It's so fun that the City left this pit for us to enjoy as a symbol of Advent! They were thoughtful last year, too!

The debris pile of roots and broken wood, displayed at the street curb, reminds us of the broken areas of our lives which call out for renewal (or at least pick-up).

The streetlights recall "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it".

In the courtyard, a lone pink sasanqua blooms. Protected from the winds and Storm, the plant recalls, "sheltered by the Everlasting Arms". A reminder we all need that God is here with us.

I see it differently now,

St. Casserole

*our former neighbor, the Biloxi Electrician taught us this phrase for driving around looking at lights


Quotidian Grace said...

That'll preach, Cassie. Merry Christmas to all the Casseroles.

cheesehead said...

I love you.

Why is it that we aren't next door neighbors?

Anonymous said...

Despite all of the damage, I wish that we could all live in the same neighborhood.

I am so thankful for you.

nightwoodkitty said...

Did Family Member get home OK? We didn't hear.

zorra said...

((St. C))

I wish I could be there to bring y'all some yummy stuff, and hear your Christmas Eve sermon. Merry Christmas.

Sue said...

(((St. C.)))

Merry Christmas St. C.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, St. Casserole. Too bad you guys don't have snow to cover it all up for a season.

NotShyChiRev said...

Oh for a full measure of your wit and wisdom!
My image for you today is a prism, like the ones dangling from my parents's tree back home, for you draw the light to you and shine it in dazzling ways on the world around you.
Loving wishes for a joyous Christmas

Karen said...

Enjoying your blog - here via Seawitch. I was born in Biloxi and am Presbyterian so I see some common threads here!
Merry Christmas.