Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fish's Christmas Wish List

Cat food for all cats.

Every animal shelter becomes no-kill except for extreme cases.

Several cat doors so I can go outdoors and sniff.

An "A" in my catechetics class.

Patience from people who don't want to read about cats in this blog.

World peace.

For mean people to stop.

A cure for feline leukemia, HIV and any other cat diseases.

Free medical care for cats.

A big pile of clean sand in the backyard, as tall as a mountain.

A Barbara Streisand download for Whistle's iPod.

For Andy to love me.

A good five cent cat toy.

Your Ginger Pal,

Fish the Cat


PPB said...

Fish you are very learned looking. I'm completely impressed with your list. You covered all the bases---meanness, war, disease, with a few little trinkets for yourself. I hope Santa is listening. Have you been good?

Songbird said...

Dear Fish,
What should I pack in my pockets when I come to see you?
Can't wait!
Aunt Songbird

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You sound like such a good kitty!

Whistle has an i-pod???

Sue said...

This is a wonderful list Fish. You are a fine kitty indeed!