Monday, March 28, 2005

A Beautiful Day for Golf

The children were home today for Spring Break. Spring Break this year means Good Friday and Easter Monday vacation days. That's all! I'd enjoy having them home more. We ran errands together to finish projects, they slept late after staying up late. LD had friends over for spend-the-nights (called "sleepovers" in other areas).

This afternoon, the LH left the office a tad early and we went to play nine holes of golf. When I say "we" I mean he and I played. We left the children at home. The weather was too beautiful: bright clear blue sky and cool but not cold or chilly. I drove the golf cart (similar to being allowed to use the tv remote). I watched the LH play because I decided after two hours of early morning azalea pruning this morning that I was too sore to swing a club for nine holes. I drank Diet Coke and watched LH swing and snort. The best snort was when he whopped a chain link fence and lesser snorts erupted the three times he lost balls in the water hazards. I can laugh because he is a much better player than I am. I really play at golf rather than play golf. I'm so bad that no one wants to play with me unless they are stuck with me.

Being inept at golf is a good thing. All of us need something we don't do well but enjoy on our life lists. I love the idea of golf, the history, the accessories, the clubs! All of it! I like swinging a club and making a whack sound when I hit well. I like putting. But, I'm rotten. I'm not being humble. I am a rotten golfer. Happy but rotten.

What do you enjoy but don't do well?


Marie said...

Bowling. I just purely suck and yet I love to go bowling with the crowd. I'm so jealous of your azealas and your weather-warm-enough-to-golf. Sometimes I miss the South.

Anonymous said...

I have a dysfunctional memory. For some reason, I can remember reading the annual rainfall in Jamaica, but can't seem to remember when to take out the garbage. I remember whole poems, but if my wife asks me to do a particular chore, I get up and completely forget about the chore I am doing. I would like to believe it is a Zen like thing, but I am afraid I have remarkly quirky and poorly designed memory
But, who cares, it is March.
All places, I am sure, are beautiful in the Spring, but, thankfully,I live in the Deep South, near the Gulf, watching Spring open the pink and white azaleas, sprout the bridal wreath, and shoot new seed crosses from all the pine trees. There is a light breeze off the Gulf, tinting the air with a trace of salt and joining the floral scent. The sky is bright and crisply blue. It is about 50 degrees now and will bell curve out at 70 during lunch and start falling again.
For the jealous, there is also a heavy pollen count and the infernal crawfish mounds all through the front yard.

annie said...

Drawing. I am not very good at it, but I like to try, bless my heart.

I agree with you that we all need something we don't do well, but enjoy doing on our life lists.

Songbird said...

Any chance this will actually post? I'm on my third try today.
I share Marie's view of bowling. Long ago I got over being bad at it and just learned to enjoy the fun.

the reverend mommy said...

Yah, bowling.... I'm horrible, but it's so much fun. I can bowl well -- with the bumpers..... I can even break 50! Wow! =o)

Friday Mom said...

I enjoy writing, but am not particularly good at it. It's good to be able to do something without feeling like I have to be the best.

Glad you had a restful, fun day yesterday!

reverendmother said...

Yay! Comments!

I agree with those who said bowling, and would add guitar-playing, dancing, putt-putt, and softball. But in the case of the latter, I get stressed out if anyone on my team starts to exhibit an iota of competitiveness. I'd just as soon not even keep score. Otherwise I tip over into psycho second baseman. Uh, basewoman.

But I would have to disagree with Friday Mom. She's a good writer.

left town for good said...

Bowling. And I didn't read the other comments first.

The difference between bowling and golf for me is that I'm always fooled into believing that golf is something I could get to be good at and maybe that takes some of the fun out of it. Bowling, on the other hand...well, I can't imagine myself ever being good at it (or wanting to be).

PPB said..., just about anything that requires coordination. I can't bowl, golf, dance, play volleyball, shoot a basket, bat, catch, run....anything. I am the biggest clutz. But I do enjoy just pretending, until someone gets competitive about it. Then I have to go to the bathroom. for the next hour.