Thursday, March 17, 2005

I suppose it makes sense to have computer access problems during Lent. If we are to recall/relearn our dependence on God for these forty days, not being able to use the computer makes sense. We bought one of the first Mac’s in about 1983 for several thousand dollars. I doubt either of us has gone more than 24 hours without some computer contact (not counting out of the country trips or illness). The LH has wireless throughout the house so he can use his laptop while cutting the grass or sitting on the toilet. I have this computer in my study and sit here in a comfy chair staring at this screen for several hours a day. I don’t even criticize myself for how much time I may be wasting each day.

Lent is about giving up what we think makes us safe so that we recall Who is our safety, really.
Putting aside the comforts we don’t even notice to learn once more for a good look at our values.
I sure value computer access. Most of my news reading comes from the internet. Local TV news and our dreadful Backwater Gazette aren’t enough for me. Local news is distracting as we have the whitest white woman on the planet as an anchorwoman. I can hardly hear past her looks. It doesn’t help that in person she is not the brightest light in the box and that I know where she goes to get her lip and brows waxed. I may be pale but I don’t have yellow blonde hair and raccoon make-up eyes. It appears that her greatest talent is reading a tele-prompter and smiling with every tooth showing.

The Backwater Gazette is all filler from other newspapers and ads. I do like the ads. Today is grocery ad day and I look forward to seeing who has the best 12 pack prices on Diet Coke.
Lent? Oh. I got distracted.

Distraction is exactly what we hope a "good" Lent addresses. Pay attention. Focus. Be quiet.

I can focus like a pit bull when studying or listening to a lecture. Or while reading. Give me a good book and the world can blow up without my notice. Screams! Flames! What? I’m reading. Didn’t notice.

But, Lord Have Mercy, I can be distracted a zillion times while going through my day. Pay attention to what distracts, listen more closely to what is being said, honor the day by looking and considering one’s place in the world. Ok. Ok.

As I am dependent on God for each breath, I am dependent on Ray the Computer Guy Who Does Not Return Phone Calls for Jesus Or Any One Else. Until I hear from Ray, I’m in trouble on the tech front. The LH has many talents with the computer but even he is bumfuzzled about the problem.

I hope to hear from Ray. I hope to hear from God. I hope to hear from you.


Angel said...

You probably don't want to hear from me -- I'm way too white for you.

reverendmother said...

Very nice post.

I've been trying to gather some Lenten thoughts together and it's been tough. Too big.

Preacher Mom said...

My laptop bit the dust last night. My desktop is 4 years old and wheezes for life. I am frantic. I can't imagine life without my companion computer. Maybe it is time for me to step back and listen, too. It's so hard to do.

PPB said...

I'm hoping that both the computer guy and Jesus call soon.

the reverend mommy said...

missing you.