Saturday, March 26, 2005

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday reminds me of a cake our grandmother made. She used salt in the scratch cake batter instead of sugar, iced the cake and served it. When the mistake was discovered, at first bite, she broke into tears at the dinner table. All of us children just looked at her but our mother, realizing the mistake and knowing the growing frailty of her mother went to comfort her. All the effort of making a coconut cake for the meal came to nothing. Inedible, repugnant, a mistake offered as a treat but not even worthy of being thrown out for the birds and squirrels. A cake of no-use.

Today is like that. Nothing ventured will be gained as the Light is out. With no Light, it’s all for naught. Today may look like a day but it isn’t a Day. We’ll move through whatever weather we have as though in a deep fog of no-light. You may be able to see your hand in front of your face in this light but what’s the point?

You and I know that tomorrow will come. We know the end of the Story but today we see fitfully because we realize that without the Light we have made for ourselves a pretty cake with salt.

Wade through today as you can. Think about what your life is like in this darkness before the Third Day. Remember your days of baking with salt. Look around to see how the world, like we children at the table, don’t know what is going on but know something is wrong.


Songbird said...

Thank you, St. C.
God be with you in the darkness today.

the reverend mommy said...

Sitting in the dark, you can almost feel the despair of that upper room, the day after Good Friday.
blessings on you today.

Aola said...

It was as if nature was paying homage here today. It was cold and windy with a misty rain falling most of the day. A long, dark day with nothing to do but wait for the sun to come back.