Sunday, March 27, 2005

Christ is Risen!

Up early because Andy the Cat's paw is healing. He felt well enough to jump on our bed then tickle our faces with happy whiskers. Even Old Man Cat is perky this morning!

Who wouldn't be perky and have happy whiskers on this wonderful day?

Christ is Risen! The tomb is empty! The strife is over, the battle won!



Songbird said...

We had a sunrise service at 5:30 on the coast. As I left with the kids just before 5:00, the dogs were looking askance at us.
Blessings on you this beautiful day!

nightwoodkitty said...

We had a beautiful service with our gospel choir, brass, and hand bells. TLAW and mother with me. Our minister said that we don't have to roll away the stone, worry about the Roman guards, or the rumors. It has all been done for us. All we are asked to do is bear witness. Gee, all of those years of church and I never thought about it that way! Preaching can be amazing.

Friday Mom said...

Christ is risen indeed!

reverendmother said...

He's out!!!

reverendmother said...

He's out!!!

reverendmother said...

He's OUT!