Friday, March 04, 2005

I’m glad Martha is out of prison. Her punishment doesn’t make sense to me. I read the charges against her and cannot believe that she, a former stockbroker, would risk her livelihood for a transaction about 50K. Doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m bothered when smart women are targeted. I realize that justice is relative rather than conclusive but when smart women are punished more harshly than their white male counterparts I get suspicious.
In the same way, I don’t understand the hostility towards Hillary R. Clinton. What has she done deserve hate? When she was First Lady and worked on health care issues it was a public service gesture. What’s wrong with that? She used her abilities to try to solve a great U.S. misery which, to this day, troubles all Americans. Our health care system is the pits.

Did I care if Sen. Clinton changed her hairstyle? Nope. Did it bother me that she has a brain in her head and spoke out? Nope. Do I care if she obtained residency in NY and ran for the Senate? Nope.

I do feel sorry for her having to cope with an unfaithful spouse. It’s even worse that all of us know about it. I’m glad she’s out and about rather than home in a dark room in a dirty bathrobe drinking bad scotch.

I’m not scared of strong gals. Why would anyone be? I’m scared of mean gals and mean men. I’m scared of people with no boundaries. I’m scared of greedy, power hungry people. I’m scared of sociopaths.

Afraid of strong women? Not me. I’m glad strong women are out there so our daughters can see assertiveness. Note to Universe: teach girls to be assertive; teach boys to be gentle because the culture doesn’t teach this to children.

I hope Martha has a good friend with whom she can vent her anger. Maybe we should all send her new cuss words to assist her. Like "hot jumping rats tails!" or " Blizzard Bunching Pustules." Some mean words to help her get the anger out. I’d be mad as fire.


PPB said...

Forgiving's a good thing.

a white man said...

Its hard to see how Martha was punished more than a white man when she was given the minimum sentence for the crimes (which were lying and obstruction of justice, by the way, not making an extra 50K). I'd stick with Hillary if you want to argue that smart women are targeted.

SpookyRach said...

A friend recommended your blog to me. I love your writing and would love to read more about Tiny Town and your congregation.

As for Martha, I couldn't stand that woman until the she went to prison. Male or female, she is the first wealthy, powerful WASPish person in my memory to stand up, take the punishment and move on. I have a brand new respect for this woman and the strength of her sometimes misguided character.