Tuesday, March 01, 2005

People Who Are Called to Lead

"The people who are called to lead are almost always the wrong people. It is almost as if God goes out of God's way to pick those who, at least on the face of it, have no virtues or qualities that suggest that they would be good leaders. I'm thinking of Jacob, Sarah, Mary, Peter and Paul here, as well as of Moses. Perhaps God likes a challenge. Maybe a Creator who makes something out of nothing considers vocation a continuing aspect of creation. Any God who could make a man like Moses into a wonderful leader must be some God."

William H. Willimon, in the April 24-May1, 2002 Christian Century


the reverend mommy said...

Maybe even 40ish, slightly overweight, short women with a husband and children?
Thanks for the quote.

PPB said...

I love this quote.

Songbird said...

Some God, and one with a great sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Good quote.

I have always thought God had a sense of humor: (a) punishment to be swallowed by a large fish; (b) stupid enough to be killed by the jawbone of an ass; and (c) all this "begatting", which must have tickled him.

Modern evidence is found in all jokes like, " How many___________ does it take to screw in a light bulb", wherein the blank can be filled in with anyone, anywhere, and of any kind. A universal joke.