Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mother Daughter Stuff

Computer probs continue at our home.

The St. Paddy’s day parade goes right by the LH’s office. The parking lot in front attracts the drunks at the bar across the street like magnets. An off-duty police officer helps keep cars out of the office lot and discourages drunks from toddling over to use the bushes. Just a note to let you know I live in the real world.

Further evidence of real world problems in the Casserole Family bloomed up yesterday when the LD was called by a friend’s mom who found LD’s cell phone number among her daughter’s things. While I was napping, our LD called every kid she knows at the school to help this mom find her daughter who’d not come home Friday night. LD even spoke to the police about where to look for the daughter because the mom was too upset to talk. The missing daughter, another girl and two boys (of course!)were found and returned to their homes. The mom called today to tell me how much LD helped and how much she appreciated our daughter.

Two days ago, I had a Mother-Daughter chat with LD about knowing when to help at school with her classmates’ problems and when to stay out of it. LD knows everyone, knows everyone’s social connections and is rather remarkable with these skills. Unfortunately, school personnel teach the children to keep out of fights, arguments and etc. when they are not the primaries. LD sees all interactions as her business (where did she get this idea???) so she involves herself. Not good at her age according to the school.
LD’s skills with people will be great for her when she’s an adult but now she keeps getting into trouble. So, we had our Mother -Daughter Summit on the issue two days ago.

This afternoon, when LD returns with LH from policing the office, I hug her and tell her about the phone call from the grateful mom. I tell LD thank you for helping the family and getting that girl home safely. Thank you for making all those phone calls, I say. I know it’s confusing to know when to intercede and when to stay out of it. You did very well here, girlie.

I’ll try to blog more this week. Hope all is well with you and that you are ready for tomorrow.


Songbird said...

St. C, your daughter and mine sound much the same, except that I am living with the 4th grade version! She always knows who is unhappy and why, how this one gets along with that one, and in addition is rather terrifyingly insightful about the adults in her life, too.
Her career goal? Family therapist.
Bless you and your LD.

Friday Mom said...

What an awesome kid! Bless her for knowing to intervene in that situation.

Anonymous said...

I long ago decided this truism:
The personality traits you love in your friends are the ones that scare you in your children.