Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pruning Joy

So what if I have the internet access of an 18th c. woman? Why should I care? My writing program has disappeared as have all of my favorite sites for religious info, blog buddies and how can I do a bulletin if I can't publish? So what?

I am in the midst of Holy Week and the brief days of bug-free gardening. Holy Week takes care of itself but being able to work outside in our yard without gnats, mosquitoes, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets and fire ants is bliss. Pure bliss.

I've attacked pruning the shubbery with a maniacal vengenance. I have the proper pruning tools this year----brand new ones! Tools not forgotten by other family members in the bushes, drive way and left out in the rain. Fresh sharp blades to cut, shape and spurn growth. Mountains of yard debris mounts by my street waiting for the City to pick up. I saw a mountain leave today when the truck came by. Hours later, another mountain of my great bliss sat ready to be carted off. I am very happy.

Every muscle in my winter body is sore from the effort. Who cares? I don't. This is my time of year to spend hours working, plotting and planning my yard. No bugs. No heat. Not much is better than this. I have only a few more days as I'll be working on presbytery stuff most days next week indoors.

Young Andy the Cat loves having me outside swinging branches into a mess for him to throw himself into. He climbs the trees I prune, falls from the branches and acts as though he meant to look ridiculous. I love that about cats. They never let you see them embarrassed.

I don't have time to blog. There's no way for me to back up my posts so they are often lost when my computer collapses. I can count on the yard work, this effort may or may not appear here.

Have a good Holy Week, y'all. I'm giving Easter gifts this year to everyone who slows down enough to receive one. Seems to me that Easter's message presents a greater message of Gift than does Christmas. See you the next time I can sign on.


reverendmother said...

Oh St. Cass, I loved this post. Gardening sounds so therapeutic. Sadly, it's not one of my things, although I dearly wish it was.

I keep telling myself that when the kid(s) are old enough to be outside half-supervised, then I will get into it. But as it is, our yard is unfenced, and little she-who-is would be halfway down the street before the first patch of weeds was pulled.

Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

The gardening sounds, well, divine. It's snowing here. If I showed my envy of your time outside, my green would be the only patch of said color in the state.

PPB said...

Just started snowing here. I hate gardening, but it sounds divine the way you describe it.

I specifically went to your page, however, because I just got a seminary magazine in the mail. From a certain serminary, with pictures of the Polity Bowl in it....and some cheerleaders???? Sound familiar??? I totally thought you were joking about that, but now I have proof that these things do happen.

Happy gardening.

Songbird said...

What a pain to have technical difficulties this week of all weeks!!
You are an Easter gift, yourself.
PPB, snow?!? Ack!!

St. Casserole said...

RevMother, I couldn't garden when the children were small. I returned to it when they went to pre-school and I had a few minutes to myself. Teaching them to plant seeds in little paper cups is fun though.

PPB, everyone loves you! I was reading a blog far from my list and found a mention of you as one of the bloggers new favorites. Good for you!

Wannabemom and PPB, sorry about the snow. To add insult to injury, I turned on the A/C in my car today because it was 70 degrees. Wish you could see the Spring down heah (sic) to cheer you up.

Thanks for your comments. I feel cut off with tech problems.

Aola said...

Me, too, St. sister. I love this time of year with no bugs,no heat. I love the way the yard looks before the weeds and grass come up. Right now my yard is full of buds and blooms. The daffodils are fading, the japonica is in full blown hot pink,forsythia in yellow, peach and pear trees are blooming, the red bud trees and just starting to bud out.
I was feeling kind of low yesterday until I looked out the bathroom window into my back yard and there was a bright blue eastern bluebird sitting on a branch and a huge pileated woodpecker (looks like Woody Woodpecker) sitting in the back yard. How could anyone stay depressed for long with all that going on in your yard.

Mary said...

Here's what I know about gardening:

"Plant it with the green side up."

Miss your more-frequent posts, St. C. But happy that you are able to prune joy elsewhere during this frustrating internet down time.

Happy Easter.