Monday, August 21, 2006

Guest Blogger: Whistle the Kitten

We got a present! Already! All the way from Way Far Away Up North! Not even in this country!

As soon as I can get the camera, I'm taking pictures! I'll show you!

Excited, and almost 1,

Whistle !!!!!


Elaine said...

. . . and another is on its way.


Songbird said...

And one more.

Sue said...

Oh, I'm so glad you received it in time for the big birthday celebration!!!

Anonymous said...

What's a present? What's a birthday? Do you like tummy rubs? I do. Do you want to be my friend. check one (yes) or two (no). And sent it back. I need a friend. My sister doen'st like me.
LittleKitty Polar BEar

St. Casserole said...

Little Kitty? You need another about Ms. Sippi?
Presents? Those are things you get for being cute. A birthday is when you get Cat Cake, presents and cards and you are older than you were the day before! You can have a birthday everyday! If you want a birthdate, you can use ours: August 28.
You are our friend but don't come see us because we are scared of other cats. You can be our sister. We are brothers and you can be our sister. Love from Fish (who never gets to say much because Whistle is 'gressive according to our Human).

Teri said...

on my first birthday there was a party and i got ribbons. i think they were on toys or something but i put those under the refrigerator right away because I didn't want my human thinking that there were mice. You know how they scream. the ribbons were fun, and the treats were good, and one guy even gave me some of the frosting off his cupcake. they were decorated with catfaces.

take some advice from an older (I'm THREE!) and wiser for my birthday i like to run outside--where I'm not allowed--when someone opens the door. they'll look for you and you can lead your people all around the neighborhood--it's fun. There's a lot of laughing from inside the cars and houses, anyway! it's even better than jumping on the counters and getting inside the kitchen cabinets.

happy birthday kittens...


Psalmist said...

Hi, Whistle and Fish. Rosie & Jenny here. Our human hasn't even started typing up our "Care and Training of the Human Slave" magnum opus that we wanted to send you for your birthday. She is the laziest thing on two legs. We will probably have to resort to sending you pictures of good cat presents, since it's kind of late now to even get something in the mail. She's such a forgetful slacker. Glad you blogged. She now has no excuse.

Happy final days of kittenhood!

Rosie & Jenny, your middle-aged cat cuz'es (we're 8 years old)

Quotidian Grace said...

Hey, Whistle and Fish--

Gretel the Noble Dog here. Enjoy all the treats and fun of your first birthdays. When you get to be 14 like me, you'll find your treats limited to cheese with pills inside and your food rations cut with rice so you don't get too much protein.

Still, I'm feeling friskier now and must go chase that rascally rabbit sitting out by the mailbox.

Love, Gretel
Mighty Huntress and Matron

ppb said...

but I'm a boy!
Little Kitty