Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just Stuff

*The Preacher Coffee Drinking Group met here at our home this morning. Hunting Dog Pastor went fishing with his daughters so we moved the meeting here. R. brought lunch for us because she is a thoughtful clergygal. We have two new members of our group. One will stay with us until we get on her last nerve; the other won't come much longer because we are no-holds-barred preachers and he is pious. Three of us were absent. Two without explanation. We've started holding hands and praying at the end of the coffee drinking. I like this because I can't get enough of being prayed for and praying for others.

*Public school begins on Thursday. LD has her high school schedule, school supplies and new backpack.

*You know how cats have little or no facial affect? I realized today that LD reminds me of the cats. I'll be glad when she loses the "too cool for this life" face and looks like herself.

*Rain came for several days so the frogs are celebrating by singing love songs. Last night, we thought the frogs were indoors with us but we know the Mighty Kittens wouldn't allow even one frog to survive. The singing got so loud it reminded me of a dog barking in the night. Really. The crickets are in love, too.

*This Cuba business is very interesting. My knowledge of Raoul Castro might fill a thimble so I'll be studying up him. The radio pundits wonder if Fidel is dead. I wonder how the U.S. will respond to what may be a big change in our relationship with Cuba.

*I heard about T.S. Chris today. Damn.

*Have any of you read the book with Rev. Jordanna Nash? Can't recall the title. It's been on my bedside table two months at least. So far, so good.

*No matter what Peacebang of "Beauty Tips of Ministers" says, I'm not going to wear neutral polish on my toes. I'm back to a vibrant color and much happier. I tried to follow her suggestion about quiet color when wearing sandals and bare feet in the pulpit area but I failed.


St. Casserole


Kate said...

Keep wearing the fun nail polish. I'm sure there are women in your congregation who appreciate it! I would love to see the one female minister in my church cut loose a little more often. ;)

P.S. I'm one of the new girls on RGBP.

peripateticpolarbear said...

St. Cassie, you can carry OFF that nail polish so you just go ahead!

reverendmother said...

I had to go look up T.S. Chris and find out who or what would make you actually say "damn."

Hadn't heard about it yet, but I now say it with you--damn. So it begins. Again. Be safe.

Songbird said...

We don't want T.S. Anybody!!

I love to think of y'all praying together this morning. You were on my mind.

Quotidian Grace said...

We love PeaceBang, but her polish preference is decidedly Bostonian Pilgrim-ish. IMHO, pale toenail polish makes for a cadaverish effect. Not cute. Viva Mexican Waitress Red!

~said she wearing Pretty Pink Pagoda~

Also--Chris, Chris go away.

cheesehead said...

Now, now...I have Hawaiian Orchid on today. It's pale, but perfectly cute. Please don't diss the pale colors!

Can't we all just get along?

St. Casserole said...

Cheesehead! On YOU Hawaiian Orchid will be BEAUTIFUL! ON YOU, NOT ME!

Besides, I've envied all the cool blouses you wore at G.A. every durn day down here in HEAT INDEX HEAVEN.

So there.

reverendmother said...

Heat index... *heaven*??

I hate to tell you this, but I don't think you're where you think you are ;-)

Pastor in the Swampland of the Potomac, Heat Index 112

Songbird said...

I guess I ought not complain, since the Heat Index here is only 98 at the moment.

Mary Beth said...

I ALWAYS choose OPI polish in your honor, St. C. This time it's "I'm Not Just a Waitress!" red

St. Casserole said...

Mary Beth, "I'm not just a waitress" red is beautiful. Those OPI color names are hilarious!

Glad I can be a "good" influence on your toes....

hipastorzwife2B said...

My librarian/pastor's wife(2b) toes are wearing Cha-ching Cherry.
And they like it!
Prayers for you, your family and community!

Aola said...

A friend recommended the Rev.Nash book to me recently. I have it on the way from amazon.

I'm glad you kept your toes your color!!

I still wear flip-flops, too.