Monday, August 14, 2006


We took a step forward as a congregation yesterday. We hosted a shower for a soon-to-be first time granny. I suggested the party then asked if anyone wanted to help with food and decorations. A crowd helped and a very successful party resulted. I came home loaded down with leftover party treats. It's important to give the preacher a car full of stuff she doesn't want to eat and her family shouldn't eat. Somehow, in a mysterious way, all the party food will be gone by tonight. What a surprise...

My wee church is moving forward step by step into the community. Our ties with presbytery grow. Our new presbytery ex. asked if he could come preach for the congregation. We are thrilled. The previous ex. didn't know we existed despite our proximity to his home. Elders are attending presbytery events and discussing the issues there.

I enjoy church redevelopment very much. I love the work I'm called to do. I've seen my preaching change because I'm settled into a congregation instead of changing weekly as a "roving evangelist". I'll begin my fifth year soon.

Our hurricane repairs continue. We have new decking for the front porch, new columns to support the roof and new windows (Lord have mercy! This is expensive!). The repairs look good for the historic building which makes me very happy. I cannot stand cheap windows in a building, especially one with historic interest.

It's Monday morning and time for me to check the lectionary texts again for Sunday's worship.

See you later, Alligator

St. Casserole


Quotidian Grace said...

It all sounds great, Cassie!

pPB said...

yay Cassie!

hipastorzwife2B said...

I so enjoy reading about your progress there. So great to have some happy news. May I request that you repost Mr. C's poem in the coming days?