Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Morning Cat Blogging

Whistle the Kitten, sleeps with his paw tucked under.
Fish the Kitten (blue collar) gives a good head lick to Whistle.
Fish wonders if People Will Ever Stop Taking Pictures and yapping about how cute he is.


Patti said...

What big, sweet kitties! Their cousin Garfield wants to know what the party favors arebefore buying a present and committing to attending the birthday party.

St. Casserole said...

Dear Patti,
Please tell Garfield that the Kittens are giving out live mice, fresh tuna and open paper bags. Then, tell him the party is "tomorrow". Cat's sense of time is not like ours so keep repeating "tomorrow" to Garfield. The sad news is that the Kittens are scared of other cats and don't want anyone to come to their party. I'm renting large white tents, gold chairs, a band and a caterer for nothing since only the kittens, Andy and the P.P. Puppy will attend. Don't tell them, ok?
St. C