Saturday, August 12, 2006

Orange Bug on Plant Mystery

See that orange bug?
What is it?
Mr. Orange with White Spots on His Back and Black Legs is enjoying a sunny day.
I don't recall seeing him/her before.

St. C


Cathy said...

Oh yes, that's an insect alright. Wish I could help...

seawitch said...

The plant is a moss rose!!! I hope that was helpful! :)

I've seen bugs like that before but don't know what kind they are.

enz said...

That might be a squash bug.
A confused one.

paul said...

I don't think it's a squash bug. I have some Mr. Oranges in my back yard, also. I'm sending a picture to the Master Gardener at the local coop extension so hopefully I can come up with an answer for you (and me) by next week.

paul said...

Okay, this is an Assassin Bug, of which there are hundreds of different species. This one is Zelus longpipes, otherwise known as a Milkweed assassin bug.

These appear to be nymphs; adults will have wings.

They are beneficial in that they eat other bugs. I saw one of mine eating another bug (hopefully, a love bug) but from what I read THEY CAN BITE YOU if handled carelessly.

More info can be found at

Hope this helps