Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Morning Nap....Together

"The Peaceable Kingdom exists! Picture Proves it!"

Dateline: Diminished Pine Grove. For Immediate Release.

Whistle the Kitten and P.P. Puppy take nap within five feet of each other.

P.S. Yes, the messy area is in my house but I'm sure this is unusual. Or something like that.

Dazed by a Glimpse O' Glory,

St. Casserole


revabi said...

Too cool. And are you taking a nap too? or playing the guitar?

A houseboat, wow.

Enjoy the peace.

Songbird said...

Houseboat? I must have missed something.

I like your signs of the times, very much.

pPB said...

Somehow I love th idea of St. Cassie rocking out on that red guitar.

Questing Parson said...

What a great glimpse of your life. Thanks. If you think it would improve the picture any, I could provide three seven week old kittens who are running around my feet.

Oh, yes. On my last posting you got tagged.