Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Whistle and Fish!

Look! We Have Gifts Presents Treats Toys! It's OUR BIRTHDAY!!!
Many Colors Pastor and OK by Us sent us presents!!!! First picture is us looking at a thing like a mouse that moves by itself, makes noises and we-don't-know-exactly-what! Second and third pictures are Fish who said, "What is it???" He's wearing his blue collar with the sterling fish charm. Our Mom does this kind of thing to us, makes us wear bells, collars and sterling.....

Our party is this afternoon! We get cat treats! The P.P. Puppy and Andy get presents, too!

Our Mom is rather impressed we received gifts. Our Aunt K. over the water sent our Mom something about us, too.

No longer kittens,

Whistle and Fish


St. Casserole said...

The funniest thing about the cyber-mouse is that both kittens sniffed the tail area. So funny!

Note the bottled water stacked in the left background. I reviewed our storm supplies yesterday just in case Ernesto decides to come here.

LD asked, "May we open the Storm Cookies?" Answer: No, not yet.

The great thing about the red and white cat balls is that kittens, I mean cats, can carry them around from room to room.

Thanks, y'all!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Whistle and Fish!! You are officially big boy cats now. How does it feel to be so grown up?

I'm glad you liked all your presents. Have a wonderful birthday party today!!

Mark Smith said...

Happy Birthday, Whistle and Fish!!

We would have sent you presents (a real mouse, even), but our owners keep the credit cards locked up.

Albert and Isaac
(age 10.5 - we haven't been kittens for a LONG time)

Songbird said...

If I tell you that when I said the presents were on the way, I meant they were in my purse, and that's where they still are, would you still think of them as being on the way?

Psalmist said...

Happy birthday to Whistle!
Happy birthday to Fish!
Lots of presents and cookies
Is our birthday wish!

Sung by Rosie & Jenny, your cat cuz'es in Texas

(Our human was lazy and forgetful; that's why you didn't get anything from us except a cyber-song.) Pics to follow on our human's blog.

ppb said...

Woah! You're big cats now! Happy birthday little guys!

Marie said...

Happy birthday to Whistle and Fish! Great presents. We LOVE crinkly paper!! You are a couple of lucky cats!

Leo and Cisco (We don't know when our birthdays are, exactly. Our Moms just make that stuff up since we were both rescue kitties.)

jo(e) said...

Happy Birthday kitty cats!

Psalmist said...

Happy Birthday again, Cuz'es!

In case you're interested, Psalmist posted some excellent artwork representing us at our operatic singing best, so's you know we didn't just mess around with the birthday song we sang you earlier.

Cuz'n Rosie & Cuz'n Jenny in Texas

Kathryn said...

Belated Birthday greetings to Whistle and Fish, and hugs to all their family - from Teddy, Chloe, Tallis and their slave the curate.

net said...

Happy Birthday, Whistle and Fish!

revabi said...

Happy Birthday whistle and Fish. My kitties are mad at me that I didn't send you your gifts. But then they were happy they were here so they could dig into them. Sorry.