Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Few Things...

*being with my NC family is great!

*watching Spring without the heat.

*listening to great conversations

*Seeing clergywomen: Jill, Carol, Little S., Listing Straight, Susan, Sarah- oh, the riches!

*eating mango cayanne ice cream along with ginger ice cream at JuJuBe in Glen Lennox

*eating Eastern NC barbeque (vinegar based sauce) in Burlington

*scones from A Southern Season

*good, good thrift stores with the time to see everything

*Assumpta the Cat, now a grown-up lady kitty, snuggling with me

*books! books! books!

*shopping with Listing Straight (hey girl! wore my new outfit last night!)

*trees, glorious trees, all around

*watching Jon Stewart twice a day (we don't have Comedy Central in Backwater)

*eating LLS's cooking

*watching LSiL win a tennis match

St. Casserole


Listing Straight said...

I've worn two of my new outfits! 1) a date at Southern Season's restaurant
2) to work yesterday. It was a sort-of-tough day, and it was really wonderful to feel good about the way I looked.

Thank you. I'll go shopping with you any time.

Lorna said...

love the pic

but love your sabbatical even more. This is doing me good across the miles :)

bless you Rev!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh I am so glad you are enjoying yourself!