Saturday, March 17, 2007

In trying to explain the current issues of my denomination to LLS and LSiL, both of whom belong to the UCC, I've struggled to understand the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. It's difficult for me to see the charm of their denominational stance in several areas.

The EPC doesn't view the ordination of women as an essential to the faith.

Gosh. How original. Let's move back to local option where if you want a clergy woman to answer her call to ordination in the ministry of the Word and Sacrament you may. If you don't, so what...

How do they baptize little girls in the EPC? How do they discern which ones to baptize? Does the session stare at the toothless baby girl and guess whether or not the infant will hear the call to preach?

If you don't want women preachers, don't baptize them and for their sake, don't raise them up in the church.

If the little baby grows up in the nurture of the church and hears lessons on obedience and faithfulness to God, what will she do if God calls her to preach?

I'm reformed and I see no impediment Biblically to the ordination of women.
Ordaining women as preachers and church officers is not "just another option" for congregations of believers.

You heard it here first,

St. C who takes her call very seriously as a gracious gift of God and as a demand on her soul.


Sue said...


reverendmother said...

Yanno, I can appreciate that there are some who just have a different view of scripture than I do when it comes to the ordination of GLBT persons. I could very well be wrong in my reading of the text. Even though I don't think I am, I have to grant that it's possible, unless I am going to claim to know the mind of God perfectly, which is idolatry, and last I checked, that was one of the big-10 sins. ("Thou shalt not be gay" doesn't even make the list.)

But those who are leaving our denom because "It's not about gay or straight, it's about the *polity* issue! Local option isn't presbyterian! We need national standards!" have lost all credibility with me.

zorra said...

Amen and amen. Thank you.
And drive safely.

Quotidian Grace said...

Given that the EPC has a terrible track record with regard to their "local option" on the ordination of women (there are only 2 ordained women ministers in the whole denomination), I don't see how anyone who believes there is scriptural authority for the ordination of women can sign on with them.

"By your fruits you will know them!"

Presbyterian Gal said...

I'm with QG on this. Considering that EPC's 'fruits' so to speak seem to be disingenuous tokens. (cue flashing neon 'warning' sign).

And safe driving to you for sure.

Kim said...

Amen and amen.

I am not a minister, but I am a teacher at church of adult classes, and I am so blessed to belong to a church (United Methodist) where my gifts from God are accepted. How hugely frustrating it would be to not be "allowed" to offer the gifts that God has given.

1-4 Grace said...

Amen. I so appreciate you words. I was raised in a denomniation that frowned upon women ministers/
deacons etc.
Havign to deal wit hwhat you feel is a call and not being affirmed just plain sucks. It is a misrable place to be and is so unfair to do.
So sad that certain churhces becoem those stumbling blocks or even barriers to thsoe who are gifted, called, and desire to serve.

revabi said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I say amen too.