Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hurricane Katrina blew through here one year, six months and 26 days ago.

We were fortunate that our home survived (and Hurricane Camille, too!) but we sustained roof damage when a neighbor's tall pine fell on the corner of our home.

A carpenter came yesterday to begin repairs before he discovered that the job is beyond his experience.

I want a repaired roof. So far, we don't have leaks but the corner of the roof is dented and the sofit/fascia needs repair.

We are better off than many, many people here.

But, I need a capenter. And, a plumber to discover the gas leak in the back yard.

The sod truck came today with 12 pallets of sod for for our yard. THIS is progress. C., the landscaper, is doing beautiful work for us.

Just tellin' you,

St. Casserole


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am glad you are telling us.

Presbyterian Gal said...

You've a good perspective on this. Wish the rest of the world would too and come lend a hand or five.

Guess there'll be no backyard barbecues for a while (cue Marvin the Marian with "the big KABOOM")

PPB said...

bummer on the carpenter arriving and discovering it's out of his area of expertise.

Songbird said...

Is that gas leak still leaky? Good grief!

Mary Beth said...

Gas Leak! Yeow!

Listing Straight said...

Keep talkin' We want to hear.

Selfishly, I think it is time for you to journey north....