Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Actual Conversations

*Mr. C. forgot his cellphone so he borrowed a colleague's cell. Looking through the phone list, he saw "Scumbag".

Mr. C: Who is Scumbag?
Colleague: The guy who stole my truck.

*Driving to yesterday's meeting, I stopped for a cinnamon roll at the bakery in Tiny Town.
After paying, I thanked the owner for making great rolls.

Bakery owner: You are from the Ghost Coast?
St. C: Yes, I'm from the Ghost Coast...

Thanks for your comments on the previous post. I'm doing better this morning.

St. Casserole

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Mary Beth said...

I have a number in my phone keyed in as "Loathsome Church." It was for a particularly horrifying televangelist we discovered.

After we watched in disbelief for over an hour, the show was over and their phone number came up. I dialed it, wanting to talk with someone who actually got behind that guy and his gospel (small G!) but no answer. I always think I'll call back, but I'm rather afraid of what they'll say.