Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Guest Blogger: Fish the Kitten

Dear Friends,

I may call you friends because on the Internet we are all Ginger cats. I am getting along with my hind leg splint rather well. I can jump on and off of the Who Man Beans high bed, get to my cat crunchies and water bowl.

I spend many hours reflecting on my life under the bed covers. This quiet retreat allows me to consider important questions and revise the outline of my novel. I am not depressed. I am keeping body silence so that I may heal. I do nap, from time to time.

My balance is not as good as it was before the fracture. I clawed into the sole of Mr. C's foot last night as he slept when I wanted to get off the bed. He didn't care for this. I dipped my splint foot into the water bowl. These things happen.

Whistle cannot restrain his kitten humor. He calls me "gimpy", "tripod" and "dragster." I forgive him because She gives me more cat cookies than he gets. I'm enjoying her sympathy.

Keep those cards and letters coming. I return to the pawopedic doctor on Monday.

Very Truly Yours,



Molly said...

Dear Fish,
I had to go to see Dr. Molly today. She says I am going to have good days and bad days. She told my mom about a cute puncture, but I don't think punctures sound cute. Dr. Molly gave me a "lite" biscuit. I think that was an insult! I am supposed to rest my elbow, but I don't get a splint like yours.
My mom worries about me a lot. Does yours?
Your friend,

Littlemankitty said...

You want me to punch Whistle for you? I would do it you know. Well, then I'd give him kisses and snuggles but first I'd punch him.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Fish,

Me and Lucy would come to visit you but we are in Catafornia which is too far to walk, specially since we need to nap 18 hours a day. But anyway, I ate extra treats tonight in your honor and I did not hiss at Lucy 6 times this morning, though she asked for it calling me the black beastie from heck, just for you.

Me and Lucy say just you wait you Whistle, your time's a comin'.

Sincere feline-itations,
Callie, the main cat.

(can't believe I typed this. But she's holding me at claw-point......PG)

Cathy said...

Dear Fish,
I think our servants should have a Revgalpetpals blog -- sometimes we write better than human beans.

Tillie the yorkie dog.

Lorna said...

Dear Fish

I have seven puppies to look after at home right now. They should be eating real food more, but they pounce on me whenever I come close and dangle when drinking milk and I'm tired of it.

And everyone is giving them such a lot of attention too. Wish I'd get some more treats ... I'm so hungry all the time but no-one seems to notice.

pawopedic sounds a nice word - not that I've seen one. Does it taste good?

your friend in Finland,

oh a revgalpetpals blog ... I'd like that. A lot.

Kathryn said...

Teddy the Pirate Cat here, Fish.
Tell that Whistle from me that I have contacts across the globe, and am quite prepared to arrange for him to whacked long distance by my wooden leg (I find tripod life quite manageable...3 legs enable me to add an appropriate swagger to my progress around the neighbourhood)
And keep your chin up,young un. I was just your age when I lost my leg at sea...and the other 8 of my lives have been most diverting...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~we are all ginger cats on the internet~

Oh I do so like that!

I hope you feel better really soon!

DogBlogger said...

Feel better, Fish! We have never had to wear a cast, but one of us has done lampshade-around-the-neck duty.

--RevGalDogPals Cub and Angus

p.s. - you're a cat like Whistle, aren't you? We haven't met many cats. Two of them ambushed one of us once. You and Whistle don't ambush, do you?

Sue said...

Dear Fish,

We hope you get even more cat cookies. You will need them to help heal your boo-boo leg.

Your kitteh friends,

Truffle and Ouzo

Quotidian Grace said...

Dear Fish the Kitten,

It has come to our attention that St. Casserole has shamefully put you to work as substitute blogger even though you are on your sickbed.

My firm will take your case.
We need the publicity!

Yours faithfully,

Katz Katz & Moore Katz, LLP