Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter to all of you.

Mr. C. and LD went to Little Church with me this morning. Mr. C. drove and I pointed out where to look for the fallen pecan orchard, the goats in the field, the Brahmin cattle, the Buffalo herd and the field of lambs. He noticed these but commented on the hurricane debris piles along the road and in the pastures as well as the damaged homes yet to be repaired. When he saw the McMansions built by fleeing City People he couldn't believe it.

We had a big crowd in worship, as I expected. Whole families arrived with kin I don't see except on Big Holidays. Our cute every-other-Sunday organist who looks like a 16 year old brought her two enormous boys. One of my members tried to introduce her husband's sister's cousin's nephew to LD thinking that LD was an adult. When I announced LD's upcoming 15th birthday, the member turned green. This was a hootin' church experience for LD who was charmed by the introduction.

Perhaps the highlight for everyone present, not counting the second hymn which no one knew (and after hearing it I don't want to know it), as a grand gesture of inclusive holy prayer, I knocked my water glass off the pulpit into the offering bowl.


St. Casserole


Songbird said...

I love the story of your day; hope I get to be there with you again.
Did you knock that glass over before or after the offering?

PPB said...

Yeah, when did it drop? Are you engaging in money laundering!

Songbird said...

LOL! Why didn't I think of that?

cheesehead said...

You could knock a water glass off my pulpit any day of the week, dear friend.

St. Casserole said...

The offering plate was full. Full of checks and paper money. I acknowledged the "spill" then returned to the service as though I poured 6 oz. of water into the offering plate each and every Sunday. No kidding.

Mark Smith said...

Any video?

1-4 Grace said...

Sweet! So now we are baptzing the offering too?
I love it. I have such a knack for doing stuff like this. So far, here, I have stepped on my stole when getting up from Children's Moment, sloshed Welch's grape juice all over the communion table, and I have tripped over a microphone cord. I have also lost my microphone clip and announced to the congrgation that i had lsot my "do-hickey!"

Lorna said...

as a grand gesture of inclusive holy prayer, I knocked my water glass off the pulpit into the offering bowl.

Ilaughed so much it hurt!!!

oh and DD is 15 soon and we run into the same "problem" wish we could meet!!!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Well, collecting the offering can be a thirsty business. Where did you dry it off?

Very funny. Your giving it no never mind, like you do it every Sunday was classic!

revabi said...

Money Laundering in the church, Awesome. What agreat story of your Easter Sunday. I enjoyed it.
Happy Easter Season.