Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fish the Kitten limps. He does everything as usual but he limps. I can't find a lump, a bump or anything. Mr. C moved his hind leg a bit and only when Fish's hip joint moves several degrees do we hear a wee meow.
He's on an antibiotic.
When asked about his limp, Fish said, " I have a fashionable sports injury because I am a dancing cat. Please buy a case of Greenies Cat Treats (the fav cat cookie of Sportif Kitties) and let me sit in the open box..."
Ever the Mom,
St. Casserole


Littlemankitty said...

Give the kitty what he wants.Kitties are very smart about these things.

Cathy said...

Fish seems to be a bit on the spoiled side. I guess those Greenies are breff mints.

Songbird said...

When does Sporty Fish get to visit the kitty orthopedist?

St. Casserole said...

Dear Cathy,
My breff is very fresh.
Fish the Kitten

Dear Aunt SB,
I have an appt. at the sports health clinic on Monday.
Your neffew,
Fish the Kitten

Presbyterian Gal said...

Callie the main cat and Lucy the best cat warn Fish to walk normal as normal can be at the clinic to avoid any shots, but to just point to where it hurts and say "Me Ow". Then smile.