Friday, April 20, 2007

Guest Blogger: Fish the Kitten

Thank you to Molly, Tillie, Mindy, Cub and Angus my RevGalDogPals for your kind words.

My nanny, Sister the Dog, sends you a internet dog cookie!

Thank you, Littlemankitty, Callie, Lucy, Teddy the Pirate Cat, Truffle and Ouzo my RevGalCatPals for being nice to me and not hissing.

I know I'm better off than most cats. My leg will heal. I have Sister, my dog nanny and my brother Fish to keep me company. My who man beans are kind to me, too.

I'm thinking today about the pets of the Virginia Polytech Institute tragedy whose lives are disrupted and who cannot find their favorite people. I'm thinking about the pets whose homes flooded Up North, soldier's pets and pets in war areas.

I think we need a world where every cat and dog is as well-treated as we are.

Fish the Kitten


Presbyterian Gal said...

I so love that picture. Made my morning. You go ginger cats!!

Psalmist said...

Dear Fish,

We are very sorry to hear about your broken leg and are praying to the Divine One who made Catkind in the Divine One's own image (Felinesis 1:26, as you know) to heal you quickly and completely.

We would have responded sooner, but our supremely lazy human, Psalmist, has not been keeping up with her blog reading and neglected to tell us of your troubles. Believe us, she has been chewed out in no uncertain terms. One must ride herd constantly on these slacker humans.

Command your humans to wait on you paw and paw, or as they would say, hand and foot (those gangly appendages of theirs are so repulsive). You need your rest and must regain your strength. I'm sure that Whistle and Sister will pass along your orders in the event your humans are not in constant attendance upon you.

Psalmist is already talking about something called vacation, which she's taking in July over two weekends. She babbled something to us about what fun she thinks it would be to drive to your state and go to your St. C's church. We think it's too far and besides, we doubt she would get anyone to come in and give us Greenies while she would be gone, which is completely unacceptable to us. But humans like to blather on about such things, so maybe you could tell St. C, who if she is wise would not encourage our human to take such a long trip away from us.

Take it easy, Fish. We're pulling for you!

Your cat cousins in Texas,
Rosie & Jenny

PPB said...

His leg looks like a candy cane! Very fetching!

Lorna said...

woof woof!

I have good news. One of my puppies RASMUS is going to a really nice couple - with grey hair - and they have said we can visit often. They live only about 45 minutes from here - and have a summer place - and I heard them mention FISH which is my favourite food.

I think we'll visit often.

Oh and they asked if Rasmus could come back here for a holiday. Hope he isn't still wanting to drink milk then though - do you have any idea how tired all this feeding of SEVEN puppies makes me

I could do with a lot more doggy biscuits - but the one you sent was delicious.

love Mindy xx

PS are they going to do that RevGals PetPals thingie or not. (maybe we have to highjack their blogs .. what do you think ... my pupppies have almost taken over stf ...already)


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~I think we need a world where every cat and dog is as well-treated as we are.~

So true so true. When my grandpup, Dixie Belle, comes to visit me, she lays in my lap and sleeps and that makes me feel so very good.